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While travelling opens our hearts and eyes to see the world, to many people, it can be complicated and fraught with disappointment and anxiety. At TripCanvas, we champion the mission to make travel planning as seamless as possible, so that travellers know what to do and what to avoid.

We inspire travellers by sharing destinations they never knew about, and encouraging them to embark on a road less travelled.

We believe in creating a world with effortless travel planning and free from scams, where travellers can go on a holiday without fear nor anxiety, so they can live life to the fullest.

Who we are?

Do you love travelling? But unsure of how to plan your holiday?

TripCanvas is an online travel magazine featuring unique travel experiences that inspire you to rethink what you can do, and where you can stay in Indonesia. Through our stories, we aim to help you ease your travel planning woes.

Driven by a team of travel passionates, editors and writers, we have been creating travel stories about Bali and the rest of Indonesia that you seldom hear of elsewhere. Our tagline, “Not Your Usual Travel Guide” explains what we stand for – creating unique travel experiences that inspire people in an unconventional yet powerful way.

Since our launch in August 2014, our online travel magazine has been rewarded with a growing readership from all over the world – Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and more. We are currently reaching out to at least 1000 travellers every hour, and this achievement means a lot to us. It continues to motivate us every day to create more unique content that our readers love.

What’s unique about our peers at TripCanvas?

Travellers first – We are all travellers at heart, and when we produce content, we always step into the shoes of our fellow travellers, and place them first.

We love failure – Every failure is an opportunity for us to learn something new. The numerous successful articles you read on our website are often the results of countless tests.

We do things that makes sense – We do not abide by fixed ancient rules, but by what makes sense and what is right and ethical.

Frictionless communication – We practice a culture of transparency among our team members. This is how creative ideas are born.

We constantly reinvent ourselves – The world (and digital media) is constantly changing, and all of us here at TripCanvas possess a DNA for change and a heart for adaptability. This makes us resilient.

If you share the same mission and values, we welcome you to join us! You may check out more about our family and all the available roles here:

We understand and acknowledge that there’s constantly new things to discover, and you, our readers, may be the first ones to uncover it! Do you have a story to share? Do you know of hidden gems we have not written about before?

We love travellers, and would love to hear from you!

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