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    11 months ago

    15 Romantic resorts and villas in Malaysia that make you feel like you are overseas without flying!

    By Beverley Lennon  • 

    Planning to save a bit more before an overseas honeymoon? There are equally beautiful places in Malaysia to explore! Check out these magical romantic resorts and villas that look and feel like those in foreign countries! Only that if you are travelling from West Malaysia, you don’t need to take a flight to get there!

    1 year ago

    Not just Genting: 6 Mountain townships and highlands in Malaysia where you can enjoy cold weather and scenic views

    By Veyroniqa  • 

    Cold weather and chilly highlands in Malaysia are not limited to just Genting and Cameron Highlands! These lesser-known mountain townships offer gorgeous views, great accommodation options (hotels and homestays), and unique dining options too! And you don’t need to hike to get there!

    3 years ago

    14 Scenic hikes in Malaysia where you can enjoy stunning views (easy to challenging!)

    By Veyroniqa  • 

    We’ve listed treks suitable for beginners and those that expert mountaineers would love – find a beautiful waterfall rainbow, a sea of pinnacles or a snow capped mountain waiting at the end of the trail.