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Written by Veyroniqa

Can’t stand the blazing heat in the city? But don’t want to travel too far due to time and budget constraints?

Who says there are colder weathers only in non-tropical countries? There are many highlands in Malaysia (and we are not just talking about Genting or Cameron Highlands here!) and these are not just mountainous areas, but townships where you can find an array of activities, hotels, homestays, cafes and a whole host of local dining options and of course, scenic views! What’s even better – you don’t need to hike up to get there! (Yes, you can drive directly up!)

So you can happily put those Europe plans aside for now. Not to mention it’s doubly important for every traveller to have explored their own backyard! 😉 Read on to find out more about these magical places!

1. Kundasang (Sabah)

The New Zealand of Malaysia complete with cows and yurts

To the East of Malaysia, you’ll find Sabah which is famous for two things – beaches and highest peak. However, there’s a little town not far away from Mt. Kinabalu that is slowly gaining recognition as Malaysia’s New Zealand. From the rolling hills to farms and Hobbit homes, I’m sure you’ll find the connection somewhere.

a) Live out your dreams of visiting the middle earth — Hobbit Home 

Fans of Lord of the Rings, rejoice! As you know, Lord of the Rings was largely filmed in New Zealand and now you can also hunker down in a hobbit hole right here in Kundasang, with breathtaking views of Mt. Kinabalu (and pretend it’s Mordor).

Photo Via katerina_nzr, Lokewaiyuen, Foo_yee_chin

b) Go back to basics in a stylized yurt (and hot showers!) — Mongolian Yurt Wind Paradise 

Enjoy the view and cool air at this unique stay. Bring some food with you and cook up a storm under the stars — food is not provided and there are no restaurants in the vicinity. You’re on your on on this glamping trip 🙂

Photo Via Xz.ellie, Alif881911, Mem_umie

Mongolian Yurt Wind Paradise 

Website | Coordinates

c) Try your hand at harvesting tea leaves — Sabah Tea Resort 

Nestled in between views of Mt. Kinabalu and a tea plantation, Sabah Tea Resort is definitely for tea lovers. There is a longhouse stay where you can immerse yourself in Rungus culture, but most would opt for the quaint little cottage instead. P.S. Don’t forget to visit the treehouse!

Photo Via Arrmaitie, Ty_alira, Miss_juu895

d) Multicoloured wooden huts await you under starry skies — Mt Kinabalu Holiday Camp

Not only do the cabins contrast wonderfully against the cerulean sky in the afternoons, but it is a sight to behold at night when the heavens are lit up with stars! The stay is an 8-minute stroll away from Sabah’s largest lake and you will be able to watch beautiful sunsets too.

Photo Via Pheylsw, Sharif-Putra-Josephine, Maslight

Mt Kinabalu Holiday Camp

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e) Milk a cow or feed a calf — Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

Bearing in mind that it’s first and foremost a milk factory, it is fairly commercialized. From calf feeding to taking wedding photos, you’ll be sure that there’s a price tag involved. But it is still an eye-opening experience, especially for those who are dairy lovers. They serve up milk ice cream that’s pretty popular, but did you know how milk comes about and how the cow’s milk industry works? We only want everyone to be aware, at least, of where our food comes from! 😉

Photo Via In-a-nutshell, Lyshane627, Daflowercraz, Zariahzamaludin

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

Website | Coordinates

f) Watch the sunrise over Mt. Kinabalu with an easy hike — Sosodikon Hill

The hike is so chill, you don’t even need to put on your shoes (slippers would do). The best time to head up would be early morning to watch the breaking dawn or even go on a night hike to see the millions of stars scattered across the sky.

Photo Via Hizataminuddin, Rj.rongjie, Jevfshen

Sosodikon Hill

Website | Coordinates

g) Get your berries fresh or a basket full of strawberry jam — Mesilou Strawberry Farm

Bear in mind that strawberries are seasonal and there’s no guarantee you’ll see any (much less pick them) so be sure to call ahead prior to dropping by. However, they do sell strawberry jams, juice and dried strawberries too.

Photo Via __alea_iacta_est, Rossicaaron, Osheenashril

Mesilou Strawberry Farm

Website | Coordinates

h) Highly recommended for exotic cuisine and crispy pork knuckle — 89 Station

If you’re an adventurous eater, you won’t want to miss the wild boar, ostrich and deer served at 89 Station. While it might not look like much, the dishes are flavorful, and there’s just something about Kundasang veggies that have that extra sweet kick and crunch. We’re guessing it’s to do with the cooler climate. Parking might be a little difficult, but you can park anywhere and they’ll announce it over the PA system if they need someone to move – convenient and effective!

Photo Via Doreenheng, Lx.xander, Sofiekrismawan, Puimann_18

89 Station


i) That Instagrammable vintage bus for your feed — BW Bus Restaurant 

Feast in a big blue bus! It’s impossible to miss, especially since the buses are propped up on containers, right by the side of the road. You can eat, order and pose for photos all inside the bus. Be prepared to shell out, because it’s not exactly value-for-money. But it’s a restaurant made of vintage buses – where else can you find one in Malaysia?

Photo Via Eatnhopsabah, Rozian.ghani, Sayysyaliza, Anna_bellelim

BW Bus Restaurant 

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j) Come here for the views — Puteri Nabalu

This is a charming halal spot for those itching for a good view and good cakes (try the cheesecake!) They serve up steamboat and Western food as well, but honestly speaking, here’s great mainly for the ambience and environment. If you’re a foodie who wants every meal to count, you might want to look elsewhere.

Photo Via Pangeranrafies, Laaanngg, Sheelasheena

Puteri Nabalu

Website | Coordinates

k) Keep your eyes peeled for some exotic meat — Wild boar @ Roadside

By the roadsides, you might come across some stalls that are just laden with meat. Stop, get out of your car, and try some! Some serve up very nicely done wild boar meat and you can even purchase some for the ride home 😉

Photo Via Borneo8888

l) Special Mention: For the nature lovers — Poring Hot Spring, Waterfall and Canopy walk

45 minutes’ drive away from Kundasang is a little reserve called Poring where you will find hot springs, a waterfall and a canopy walk. Worth a visit, especially if it’s the Rafflesia blooming season (the flower park is a 10-minute walk away)!

Photo Via Witki_na_walizkach, Ruyi_siah_88, Maymeyh_

Poring Hot Spring, Waterfall and Canopy walk



Getting there: Drive 1 hour and 40 minutes from Kota Kinabalu International Airport to Kundasang (route here) or you can take a bus from the City Bus Terminal (RM17 / approximately SGD$5.64)

2. Penang Hill (Penang)

A movie set for a American-British series “Indian Summers”

Just half an hour’s drive from Penang is a piece of Malaysia frozen in colonial times. It’s like being transported back into the 1930s. It wasn’t until three years ago, when filming for Indian Summers started, did some tender loving care turned this place into a gorgeous green paradise.

a) Stay in the old sheriff’s residential building — Bellevue Penang Hill

While a little outdated and run-down in places, this 2-star hotel boasts a 5-star view of Georgetown. Sometimes when the weather is right, you might even be able to catch a sea of clouds rolling in. Do note that since the temperature is rather cool, air conditioning is not provided.

Photo Via Dharmawansutanto, Thiva_17, Foo_tai_kong, Ewchuah

Bellevue Penang Hill

Check rate on Agoda | WebsiteCoordinates

b) A lodge converted from a heritage building on Penang Hill — The Hickory

Beautifully restored to a certain glorious charm, The Hickory is perched on the eastern slope where you can catch amazing sunrises. There’s no TV so kids might get bored, but take the opportunity to stargaze with them!

Photo Via Siew_thuan

c) Taking things to new heights — Curtis Crest

Go for a leisurely stroll along the Langur Way Canopy Walk in the morning and enjoy the sunset at the Curtis Crest Treetop Walk for the best experience. If you’re a daredevil, you’ll enjoy the Flight of the Colugo (basically an oversized flying fox!).

Photo Via Hasnulhidayah, Pixeltreemy, Thehabitatph

Curtis Crest

Website | Coordinates

d) The oldest Hindu temple in Penang — Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan

What started off as a small shrine to Murugan slowly grew into a picturesque Hindu temple. Entry is free and will not take more than 15 minutes, unless you have children with you, in which case you might want to spend some additional time at the play area out front.

Photo Via Smqattali, Cheenky23, Nimznemisha, Roxanne.amelia

Sri Aruloli Thirumurugan

Website | Coordinates

e) A complex Chinese temple built like the forbidden cities of ancient China — Kek Lok Si Temple

This is probably one of the most amazing temples you would ever have the chance of visiting. While it is a considerable trek to explore all 10 acres of it, the views and experiences are simply out of this world.

Photo Via Dya_marshmello, Snoopymui, Dearytiaw, Ninatajuddin

Kek Lok Si Temple

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f) Imagine a cooler version of Tarzan at this cafe — Kopi Hutan

Take a walk on the wild side and have a cuppa at this open-treehouse cafe, right next door to Monkey Cup Garden. You can either take the free shuttle provided by the cafe or rent a buggy so you don’t have to walk all the way.

Photo Via Mei_pierce, Mandyyang94, Jenzpoh, Vivianlim0117

Kopi Hutan

Website | Coordinates

g) Clifftop food court — The Cliff Cafe

It’s a food court on a cliff! You can have ice kacang (they will surprise you with their variety!) or try the brand new invention of “mee kungfu” which was adapted from a Chinese dish. The halal establishment only houses 7 stalls but that’s enough to satiate your appetite and tastebuds.

Photo Via Akalilyiman, Kah-Min, Fauzi_2889, Anissyafiraa

The Cliff Cafe


h) Something fancy for the splurger in all of us at this colonial restaurant — David Brown

A British colonial restaurant where you can expect to find homemade strawberry jam to go with freshly baked scones, and you don’t even have to leave the country!

Photo Via Sandratan.js, Tiffanytan0622, Tennysononearth

David Brown

Website | Coordinates

i) Special Mention: Sample a bowl of heritage at the most famous curry noodles in Air Itam — Sister Curry Mee

Although this isn’t on Penang Hill, it’s not something that should be missed. Simple yet delicious curry noodles cooked over charcoal stoves. This establishment has been running for over 70 years, passed from one generation to the next.

Photo Via Travel4foodfun, Shien.jpeg, Thehastytasty

Sister Curry Mee

Website | Coordinates

Penang Hill

Getting there: Drive 35 minutes from Penang International Airport to Penang Hill (route here) and either walk up the hill (2 km) or take the funicular train (RM12 for an adult return ticket / SGD$9.96 for foreigners)

3. Janda Baik + Bukit Tinggi, Pahang (near KL)

Find a French village, Japanese garden and a cool Malaysian rainforest

You’d think that the tropical rainforest go hand-in-hand with hot humidity, but at Janda Baik, you will be able to experience the cool forest with nice chilly breezes. 26 minutes’ drive away, at Bukit Tinggi, you will find a sprawling resort with its own French village and Japanese garden.

a) A slice of tranquil heaven on earth with horses and other furry farm animals — The Acres Resort, Bukit Tinggi

The Acres Resort is perfect for all travellers – families with small children, friends organising a gathering or couples looking for a romantic getaway. With an infinity pool, a mini zoo, a vegetable farm, a karaoke room and kids’ playroom, you’ll never be bored here!

Photo Via Shyfish_daisy, Low_helen

The Acres Resort, Bukit Tinggi

Website | Coordinates

b) Have your afternoon tea at this forest cafe right by the pond – Pineyard

Pineyard cafe is a definite special find with its pine wood floors and pillars to its minimalistic steel white arches – this place oozes cosiness and warmth within the chilly forest of Janda Baik. You can have your coffee indoors by their bar or maybe outside on the grass near a pond. Wherever you choose, every corner is just dreamy.

Photo Via Josephlam, Chiavie, Olson_0327

c) Afternoon tea picnic by the river and luxury glamping: Tiarasa Escapes

It’s easy to pretend that you’re in the savannah at this gorgeous glamping site (when you’re in fact only 45 minutes away from KL). They offer delicious local cuisine too.

Photo Via Lamyerda, Triciaxlee, Mshannahchia

They’ve also recently launched an afternoon tea experience where you can picnic right by the river in the resort area (RM 120 a set for 2 people)!

Photo Via Lamyerda, Doreenhl, Aisyazx

Tiarasa Escapes, Janda Baik

Website | Coordinates

d) Stay in a boathouse and let the waters rock you to sleep — Sailor’s Rest, Janda Baik

Take on a unique stay right by the pond in a boathouse! It’s rather quaint on the inside, being furnished with colonial pieces. But if you’d rather stay on dry land, they also offer glamping amongst other options!

Photo Via Jarichb, Flodamn

Sailor’s Rest, Janda Baik

Check rate on Booking | Website | Coordinates

e) Reconnect with your loved ones — D’Villa, Janda Baik

Limited connectivity on your phones means more bonding time with your companions! D’Villa is a great place to explore, with interesting architecture and ample grounds for you to roam around — be sure to prepare your food for BBQ because there’s not many dining options nearby.

Photo Via Nataliechen__, Cassie_ckx

D’Villa, Janda Baik

Website | Coordinates

f) A rustic stay filled with wedding vibes — Enderong, Janda Baik

Seriously the perfect place to host an outdoor or barn wedding, it’s a beautiful venue to get hitched at (and a popular one too!) but it’s also a peaceful retreat for those wanting to get away with friends, family or even alone.

Photo Via Vivien_mayhien, Sarathira, Shinshizzle, Treesonthemoon

Enderong, Janda Baik

Website | Coordinates

g) A gardening workshop with a gourmet spread for lunch — A Little Farm on the Hill, Janda Baik 

How much more fun can your meals get when you get to see it being made from the ground up? Starting with tips on gardening in the tropics to having lunch whipped up with freshly picked ingredients of the morning’s class, A Little Farm on the Hill should not be missed especially if you have a green thumb or are interested in planting your own produce!

Photo Via Malaysiatatler, Samisuee, Deuce_kl, Smashpop

A Little Farm on the Hill, Janda Baik 

Website | Coordinates

h) Take a drive and dine in the peace and quiet (not to mention the cold) — The Café @ Embun Luxury Villas, Janda Baik

What can be so special about a cafe in a private stay? First of all, the food. If you’re a true foodie, you will go anywhere for a good bowl of noodles — in this case, the roast chicken and coconut panna cotta is said to be out of this world! Secondly, it’s cooler here than in most places in Malaysia. Plus, you get to take a day trip out of the city and soak in the tranquil vibes.

Photo Via Killhana, Jessiensteven, Wildrosep8

The Café @ Embun Luxury Villas, Janda Baik

Website | Coordinates

i) Stay in a colonial resort, visit a Japanese tea house and fly through the jungle — Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

Whether you’re looking for adventure, some culture or just want a change of scenery, Colmar Tropicale will make a good day trip for the entire family — it’s almost like driving into a new country.

Photo Via Chozenn, Gemalativani, Tetithin

Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

Check Rate on Agoda | Check rate on | Website | Coordinates

Janda Baik and Bukit Tinggi

Getting there: Drive 1 hour and 35 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Janda Baik (route here) and Bukit Tinggi (route here). If you are coming from KL city centre, drive for 1 hour from KLCC to Janda Baik (route here) and Bukit Tinggi (route here). You can also take a bus from the City Bus Terminal (RM17 / approximately SGD$5.64) to Janda Baik.

4. Fraser’s Hill (near KL)

Visit the little England of Malaysia

Fraser’s Hill is a tiny charming colonial village in Pahang known for its Tudor-esque architecture (bungalows left behind by the English administrators) and some 250 species of birds – a haven for bird watchers. It used to be an exclusive retreat for the British expatriates, but is now open to the public.

a) Indulge in afternoon tea in an old English country courtyard — Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel

Enjoy sunday roast, scones with clotted cream and a nice steaming cuppa tea in a well-manicured English garden – you’ll find yourself transported to old England and that’s exactly what this fine establishment offers, including shining service and a slightly larger bill. If you can’t care less for the colonial architecture and want something more affordable, check out our other option!

Photo Via Anouschka_p, Artdariheart_official,, Masangelina

Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel

Website | Coordinates

b) A more budget-friendly English tea house  — Aida Daniya Tea House

Perched on a hill with scenic views, Aida Daniya Tea House is where you can tuck into Western fare such as chicken chop served with cream, pasta and more. You can enjoy an English afternoon tea here too, yes, with scones, cakes and tea! Shutterbugs, don’t miss the photo ops too; you’re not here until it shows up on your social media. 😉

Photo Via Keunlu, Ayualyahya, Atiq.natasya, Arif_naqiu

Aida Daniya Tea House


c) The icon of Fraser’s Hill — The Clocktower 

An iconic sight welcoming you to Fraser’s Hill is this clocktower wrapped in vines. Take a touristy snap here as a keepsake! Show us your most creative poses by hashtagging #TripcanvasMalaysia!

Photo Via Ih_helmi

The Clocktower 


d) Explore an abandoned colonial mansion — Gap Rest House 

Long past its glory days, what used to be a colonial mansion has fallen into disarray. It was meant to be restored but due to the lack of funds, nothing ever came out of it except for eerie vibes and ghost stories. You can explore what’s left of the place at your own discretion. Please be wary for your safety whenever you’re in an abandoned building.

Photo Via _______julyahanna_, Chingsthings, Nikmey_

Gap Rest House 

Website | Coordinates

Fraser’s Hill

Getting there: Drive 2 hours and 35 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Fraser’s Hill (route here) or 2 hours and 7 minutes from KLCC (route here).

5. Bario @ Kelabit Highlands (Sarawak)

Up for an adventure? Gear up for an authentic Sarawakian experience

Don’t expect to find any hotels or restaurants here. The Kelabit Highlands is dotted with small villages. If you’re spontaneous, you can show up at the airport and find a guide (which is part of an authentic experience) — you’ll be brought home by friendly locals who will feed you and house you for less than RM100 (approximately SGD$33.13) per person with 3 meals a day!

Just beware of leeches.

a) Locally home-cooked dishes and hot showers  — Asal Longhouse

In a place where hot showers are rare and few in between, you’ll find that Asal Longhouse is a hot commodity (pun intended!). Just bear in mind that there are three stays in the same longhouse! Apparently, Jane’s cooking is out of this world, and you should definitely give the pineapple curry a try. Sina Rang’s hospitality and hunting experience will make for interesting conversation. Bario Valley Homestay at the longhouse seems to be the only one that does not come equipped with hot showers.

Photo Via Saffuan_9w2sfj

b) Hot showers with English tours and history lessons — Labang Longhouse Lodge

Run by a couple, Lucy and David, who are more than happy to talk about the Kelabit way of life from using blowpipes for hunting and how Christianity became a part of the Kelabit culture. Their son, Lian, will also happily take you to see all the attractions Bario Highlands has to offer.

Photo Via Azreenyunus10

Labang Longhouse Lodge

Website | Coordinates

c) The most modern accommodation you will find in Bario — Ngimat Ayu Homestay

A stay that also comes with 3 full meals per day, everything is panelled in wood, just like any longhouse. There’s a large verandah where you can swap books or leave one behind for future guests and a private BBQ area. The kitchen is bright and spacious and the Kelabit treat it as the heart of a house.

Photo Via Ronnieprt, Costnermaren

Ngimat Ayu Homestay

Check rate on Agoda | Website | Coordinates

d) See how salt is made in the middle of the mountains — Pa’Umor Salt Springs

Aside from Bario rice and pineapples that the Kelabit are famed for, they also produce salt with high mineral content. Unlike salt from the oceans, which is white, Bario salt is brownish grey and is also a healthier alternative. Getting it right at the source is 30-40% cheaper than what you’ll find in retail shops around Miri. Plus, you get to witness them making the salt, first hand! Be warned that it can get quite hot though.

Photo Via Augustinerudu, Trekearth, Lokalocal, Kebinnila_dayakwanderer

Pa’Umor Salt Springs


e) Pay your respects to the Kelabit’s religion or simply go for the views — Arur Talun Prayer Mountain

Christianity is quite deeply rooted in the Kelabit culture which started through missionaries in the 1940s. The trek is quite easy and you can get pretty much anyone to take you – just mention it to your hosts at your homestay.

Photo Via Paulanispian, Eechak

Arur Talun Prayer Mountain


f) Special Mention: Learn about the Kelabit food culture and traditions – Bario Food Festival

An annual 3-day event that takes place either in late July or early August, Bario Food Festival started as a festival to preserve the Kelabit food traditions. Today, it has become quite the attraction for travellers as they get to sample old secret recipes passed down from generations, which include exotic food such as the pitcher plant rice (where rice is cooked inside pitcher plants!).

Photo Via Paulanispian

Bario Food Festival


Bario @ Kelabit Highlands

Getting there: From Miri Airport (Sarawak), take a 45-minute flight via a Twin Otter.

6. Tambunan (Sabah)

The Switzerland of the East

I know what you’re thinking: So there’s both New Zealand and Switzerland in Sabah?! Seems like overkill, but we assure you that there’s a reason for these nicknames! Sabah truly boasts epic landscapes that look like foreign countries, and most of them are not that well-known – yet!

a) Colour up your life and stay in multicoloured repurposed containers — The 7 Lodge

Ideal for large groups such as company trips and team building, you will find ample space at The 7 Lodge, along with colourful amenities. It’s a bicycle-friendly area with a fishing pond so you can catch your own dinner. 😉 It’s quite remote though, so be sure to bring enough food and your own transport. They even have a rabbit farm here!

Photo Via Letsgoholiday, _carolineofficial, Florayandi

b) Budget stay in the middle of the paddy fields — Home Valley Tambunan

For only RM50 (approximately SGD$16.57) a night, you can spend the night in the paddy fields with gorgeous views. There’s a fully equipped kitchen so you can whip something up but there are also a couple of food stalls within walking distance.

Photo Via Ezneyyy

Home Valley Tambunan

Website | Coordinates

c) Go for a refreshing dip, a picnic and take some #wanderlust pictures — Mahua Waterfall, Crocker Ranges National Park

You can easily stroll to the waterfall, but if you are more adventurous, consider hiking up to the summit for that epic photo with a backdrop of blue mountains or go on an expedition via their famous salt trails. There’s a small entrance fee for locals (RM3) and foreigners (RM10 / approximately SGD$3.31).

Photo Via Chelseaporletay, R2rhi2, Emily_koehne, Albertteo53

Mahua Waterfall, Crocker Ranges National Park


d) A million stars at night and a breathtaking view in the day — Sinurambi View Point

Whether you arrive in the day or at night, you’ll be rewarded with great views and a cool blast of air. It’s a romantic hangout spot especially at night because you might be able to catch shooting stars (if you’re lucky!). Now make a wish!

Photo Via Safarysamat, Eylaa01, Farrhanna_nawi

Sinurambi View Point



Getting there: Drive 1 hour and 37 minutes from Kota Kinabalu International Airport to Tambunan (route here).

Special mentions

1. That ever-so-popular highlands with tea plantations and strawberry farms — Cameron Highlands

Whenever anyone thinks about a highland escape in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands would surely come to mind.

You can spend a couple of days here by their tea plantations, strawberry farms, cultural attractions (temples, museums) and nature walks (rose garden, butterfly park, mossy forest)! Here’s where you can reconnect with nature and your loved ones and take that well-deserved break from the city chaos.

Photo Via Darylthedork, Si.anemone, TripCanvas, Liveminelife
Photo Via TripCanvas, Mky.1111, Justyna_paulina_szafranska

There’s no lack of boutique hotels and homestays here, but we particularly love The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant for their old English architecture (this place was said to have been built during the colonial era for the British who missed home). Don’t miss their afternoon tea (scones, sandwiches and tea).

Photo Via TripCanvas

Casa De La Rosa is another popular stay (loving the four poster beds!) but it’s more country than colonial. Plus, it’s only a 5-minute drive to a strawberry farm.

Photo Via Doepie1969, Amirahzulkipli

If strawberries are not your thing, try lavender ice cream and corn from the market (not to be missed!). For dinner, be sure to go for steamboat, especially the charcoal steamboats, which are hugely popular in Cameron Highlands too!

Photo Via Boyzthanawat, Khondeeteenoung, Raymondaw

Cameron Highlands

Getting there: Drive 3 hours and 23 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Cameron Highlands (route here) or 3 hours from KLCC to Cameron Highlands (route here). Coordinates.

2. Kuching’s best-kept secret that even some locals don’t know about — Borneo Highland Resort (Sarawak)

Perched on a mountaintop and dreamily shrouded by the morning fog, Borneo Highland Resort is where you’ll find a golf course with lovely chilly weather in Kuching, Sarawak.

Most people come to escape the humidity and to enjoy the beautiful scenery which looks unlike anything else in the sleepy city.

Wake up in the morning to views of the tranquil greenery, rolling hills and a breath of fresh mountain air. Perfect for a slow quiet cup of coffee before you head down for breakfast!

Photo Via Echaarissa
Photo Via Xplore_borneo

Spend your time doing basically nothing but recharging in and around the resort. Go for a few rounds of golf and relax by their spa and jacuzzi (both from which you can get views of the surrounding greenery too) before dinner.

Photo Via Alyshhra_

Since it’s cooler up here, you’ll see hydrangeas and other pretty blooms around the resort. Daytrippers are required to pay RM10 (approximately SGD$3.31) for admission and another RM10 if they want to take the bus up to the Kalimantan viewpoint.

TripCanvas’ Tip: There’s only one restaurant in the resort, so make sure you pack your own food just in case it doesn’t suit your tastebuds (but from what we hear, the vegetarian Nasi Lemak will haunt you forever because it’s just THAT good).

Borneo Highland Resort

Rate: From RM 258 per night (approximately S$85.11)
Address: Borneo Highlands Hornbill Golf & Jungle Club Bhd Jalan Borneo Heights, 94200, Padawan, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia P.O.Box 2344, 93746, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Getting there: Drive 1 hour and 19 minutes from Kuching International Airport to Borneo Highlands (route here). Coordinates.
Contact: +60 16 8860790 / +60 19 8290790

Check Rate on Agoda

3. The Little Jeju of Malaysia — The Jerai Hill Resort (Kedah)

A well-kept resort with recreational activities and a large botanical garden next door, The Jerai Hill Resort (formerly known as Regency Hill Resort) is where you can put your feet up to relax.

Photo Via Mohammedsamaan7, Fiza_ziana
Photo Via Siti.intanfairuz__, Nuramira_d
Photo Via Mr_mrs_yuyul, Aerilazfar

Especially popular as a wedding destination and for families with young children, it’s a nice day trip destination for those looking for a breath of fresh air. You can take part in various activities such as flying fox, jungle trekking and camping.

Photo Via Rita5410, Kay_khairul

Though former guests have advised against staying at the resort as it might not be very well-maintained nor exceptionally clean, it’s still a good retreat destination if you’re not travelling too far.

Photo Via Rrhaus, Khalifah_band_official

The Jerai Hill Resort

Rate: From RM 244 per night (approximately SGD $79.46)
Address: Jalan Kaki Bukit, Lebuhraya Gurun, 08300 Gurun, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Getting there: Drive 1 hour and 45 minutes from Penang International Airport to Regency Hill Resort (route here). Coordinates.
Contact: +60 4466 7777

Check Rate on Agoda

So which of these highlands have inspired you to travel there? Let us know in the comments below and share it with your friends and family! More people need to know what Malaysia has to offer 😍

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