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Written by Candice Neo

We have found Johor Bahru’s largest and newest food street!!

With more than 70 food stalls and over 100 varieties of food, Permas Jaya Old Street 2 is the latest hipster supper spot to check out in JB this weekend!

Photo Via Amanda_hang89

YES, we are talking about Taiwanese burgers, popular Korean fried chicken Why Chicken, oyster mee sua, curries and herbal soups served in coconut, hotpot, baby crabs, xiao long bao, stingray, tom yum soup, mango desserts, Vietnamese food and even White Rabbit milk tea!!!

Photo Via Gogogotammy, Alicelai82, Andylouistabris
Photo Via Kygan21

And like in Taiwan, there’s even claw machines here, where you can snag plushies, trinkets, gadgets like power banks and more!!

Read on to find out more!

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1. Fei Pa Burger: Taiwanese-inspired burgers with salted egg, wasabi, kimchi, mango and other varieties!

These are not your usual buns filled with thick meat patties and the usual cheese and mayo. This creative burger joint lets you choose between having salted egg sauce, kimchi slices, fresh mango cubes or even wasabi on top of your meat patties!

Photo Via Feipa_burger

You can even opt for rice with exactly the same ingredients as you get for burgers, only that you are replacing buns with rice!

Price range: From RM 8.90 (approximately S$2.90)

2. Curries and seafood soups served in coconut!

Boiled soup served in coconut isn’t completely rare, but it’s still not easy to find. Sometimes, you can really taste the mild aroma of the coconut flesh in your soup! This one serves up curries, seafood soup with wolfberries and other boiled comforting goodness in coconut husks!

Photo Via Liewkweehan1971

3. Baby crabs, stingray, big prawns and more!

What’s a food street without a good dose of grilled seafood? Here, you have no lack of crispy baby crabs, stingray, big prawns, squid and other yummy crustaceans!

Photo Via Corinna_hn, Moon92308, Phata.nan13, Gogogotammy, Pinkygenevieve

4. Personal hotpot with mala soup base, fresh seafood and pork/beef/chicken slices!

With the whole hotpot trend now in Singapore and Malaysia, now you can even enjoy your own personal hotpot along this night market! No more squabbling over whether you should get spicy soup bases or pork bone or others – everyone gets to have their own!

Photo Via Vincent.cwk_

Price range: From RM 18.90 for one hotpot set with rice or noodles (approximately S$6.16)

5. You can never get enough of xiao long bao and oyster mee sua!

Craving for xiao long bao? Or, like me, dreaming of the delicious oyster mee sua in Taiwan? You’ll get to fix all your XLB and Taiwanese snack craves!

Photo Via Ootd_yulu, Eehuii

6. Refreshing traditional desserts with a modern twist: Pulut hitam with mango and more!

Don’t we all love our bubur pulut hitam, chendol and other traditional “tong sui” and desserts? Here’s where you get a creative modern twist to some of them! Mango with pulut hitam? Why not!

Photo Via Jiehao1031, Lai.sookpeng.9, Im__nelson

7. Handmade Japanese seaweed popiah and fruit rojak!

Whether you prefer your popiah the traditional way or rolled with seaweed, you choose! Pair it with some fruit rojak too!

Photo Via Jorenexiaoyu0429, Orange2chocolate, Luotze

Price range: Popiahs from RM 5 (approximately S$1.63), Rojak at RM 6 (approximately S$1.96)

8. Find a little Thailand along this street with tom yum soup, pork with basil, mango salad and more!

Thai food nowadays is considered hipster, just like Taiwanese and Korean snacks. Get your fill of seafood tom yum soup and som tam mamuang (green mango salad)!

Photo Via Phata.nan13, Joycensp, Bam_apich

9. Traditional eats: Char kway teow, oyster omelette, prawn noodles!

It’s not a Malaysian food street without these traditional delicacies, of course! Enough said. 😉

Photo Via Tan.cherish.5, Waiwai853, Peipei_89

10. Pork chop, chicken chop, waffle fries and other Western meals

If you are craving for savoury chicken chops and fries, you can find them here too!

Photo Via Phata.nan13

11. Challenge yourself: Catch cute plushies, power banks and gadgets at the claw machines!

Night markets in Taiwan are usually complete with claw machines, which are hugely popular among the Taiwanese. You can find these here too! And yes, you can even snag a cute power bank at RM 2, if you are lucky!

Photo Via Peng-Wan-Choo, Xiaoyi_612

12. Finish off your meal with White Rabbit milk tea or other boba drinks!

If you ask me, the best way to end a savoury food trail is to wash it all down with a sweet dose of boba! AND there’s even White Rabbit milk tea here too!!

Photo Via Olinxiaoxio_, Edward_sin18

A JB food hunt is never complete without your makan buddies! Tag all of them now and make your weekend plans!

Permas Jaya Old Street 2

Address: 30, Jalan Permas 11, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Johor Bahru. Coordinates here
Contact: +60 16-737 8185
Opening hours: Daily 4pm – 3am


PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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