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Written by Batrisya

For some of us who are in lockdown and away from family, sometimes food deliveries or takeaways get so boring that all you really want is a good ol’ home-cooked meal. Unfortunately, as much as we try to recreate our mom’s recipes, we end up cooking something that perhaps even our pets would hate, and have Gordon Ramsay calling us a what? An ‘idiot sandwich’.

After much digging (and craving), we finally found a list of delicious home-cooked meals, made by the hands of our lovely Mak Cik Kiahs that can deliver our favourite meals right to our doorstep in and around Kuala Lumpur!

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1. A taste of home away from home – Serai Garam (halal)

Do you miss the taste of that spicy creamy coconut gravy dripped in juicy chicken glazed over white rice and a side of pucuk manis? I bet you do now, just that description itself makes me hungry.

Aunty Etty, chef of Serai Garam caters these delicious Melayu Nusantara home-cooked meals weekly and she never fails to disappoint her customers with her nostalgic flavours. What’s amazing is that her menu sets start from just RM 10.90 which includes rice and four side dishes of generous portions!

Photo Via Serigaram, Syareelizamali
Photo Via Serigaram

Serai Garam

Price range: From RM 10 – RM12.90 (approximately between SDG $3.28 – $4.23). Menu here.
Delivery area: Within Klang Valley
Delivery time: Daily, 11.40am – 1pm (Order a day before, 10pm last call)
Contact: +60 122337867


2. RM 6 for ALL meals EVERYDAY? Sign us up! – Cheap Lunch Everyday (halal)

You might be scratching your head over this – RM 6 for a whole meal everyday? That’s so cheap! If you’re a student on budget, this will be your next go-to food delivery every day from now on!

Living up to its name, Cheap Lunch Everyday serves all their food for lunch at just RM 6 every day with free delivery. They switch their menu daily so be sure to check out their site for the latest serving. Also make sure to order at least a day before so they can prep it for you and deliver on time!

Photo Via Cheapluncheveryday
Photo Via Cheaplunchdelivery

Cheap Lunch Everyday 

Price range: All meals are for RM 6 (approximately SGD $2) with minimum order of 3-5 pax depending on location. Daily menu changes, do refer to their Facebook page for the most updated menu.
Delivery area: Within Klang Valley
Delivery time: Daily, 11am – 1.30 pm
Contact: +60 111195 9906


3. Have a taste of what the whole town is buzzing about – Nurul Shima Food Delivery (halal)

She’s been featured on TV3,  NTV7 & ASTRO and plenty more, but most recently RASA. Kak Shima is a busy wife / home-cook chef who’s food has brought nothing but joy and comfort to many homes around the Selangor area since 2017.

Packed with rich and robust flavours, her meals are often raved all over her Instagram comments as she updates her meals weekly. You can even order one of her popular Nasi Bajet that goes for only RM 3.50, but it’s only available around the Kota Damansara area.

Photo Via Home_food_delivery

Nurul Shima Food Delivery

Price range: From RM5 – RM25 (approximately between SGD $1.64 – SGD $8.20) Weekly menu changes, do contact her for the most updated menu.
Delivery area: Within KL & Selangor (selected areas)
Delivery time: Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Friday, 1pm – 2pm
Contact: +60 123308482


4. Skip the queue, choose your dishes from home – MyKitchen.FoodDelivery (halal)

Think those options weren’t enough? Well check out MyKitchen.FoodDelivery! Remember when we used to go out to our favourite Kedai Melayu and picked out our lauk-lauk (side dishes) from the trays?

Just seeing the variety of options makes you feel all excited, and the smells combined are just divine. This restaurant delivers all your fave lauk, like Gulai (curry), Masak Cili Api and more, all from RM 9! They also have Western cuisine as well!


Price range: Menu lauk starts between RM 9 – RM 19 (approximately SGD $2.95 – SGD $6.23)
Delivery area: Within KL & Selangor (selected areas) Menu here.
Delivery time: Tuesday – Sunday, 12pm – 5pm
Contact: +60 10236 6589


5. A little bit of Thai, Western and Malaysian – An’s Kitchen (halal)

Here’s a restaurant that likes to mix it up from Thai to Western to local cuisines and all you need to do is place an order a day early!

You might think that from the looks of their menu, this seems like a well-established restaurant  (I mean have you seen their Spicy Ramen with Chicken Chop?) but it’s actually a catering company, and all its goodness is made from home. Give it a try!

Photo Via Andelights

An’s Kitchen

Price range: Meals are between RM 5 – RM 15 (approximately between SGD $1.64 – SGD $4.92) Menu here.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily, 7am – 7pm
Contact: +60 10767 6986


6. Putting food on your table, puts food on theirs – Picheats (halal)

What I personally love about this restaurant, aside from its colourful options of foods, is that all their foods are prepared by chefs who are refugees from Palestine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and more!

And together with our local chefs, they aim to help families from the refugee community to be financially stable and allow their children to receive an education. They say, “As they are putting food on your table, you are putting food on theirs.” On top of that, their meal boxes are affordable!

Photo Via Joellechewie, Rebeccajorushdy, Pichaeats, Ulric5


Price range: Meal boxes from RM 10 – RM 20 (approximately SGD $3.28 – SGD $6.56) with minimum order of 10 pax.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily, 8am – 8pm (order closes by 11am a day before delivery)
Contact: +60 126794353


7. Enjoy authentic home-cooked Indian meals – Van’s Home Food (halal)

Now we’ve been listing a lot of Malay cuisines thus far, but let’s talk about some nice home-cooked Indian cuisine. Do you miss having rice with Dhal Curry Mixed veggies or Chicken Rendang with Acar? Mmm, sounds tasty already!

Based in Batu Caves, Van’s Home Food can deliver all your favourite Indian home-cooked foods to your door and satisfy your hunger any day on weekdays! Just remember to check out their page for the weekly menu!

Van’s Home Food

Price range: Meals start from RM 8.50 (approximately SGD $2.79) Weekly menu changes, do refer to her Instagram page for the most updated menu.
Delivery area: Within KL (selected areas)
Delivery time: Tuesday – Friday, 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Contact: +60 162339103


8. Have a daily-changing dinner sent to you – Home Cooked Delivery 2 U (non-halal)

Sometimes, asking ourselves “Hmm, what do I want to eat today?” We get tired of asking ourselves that every day and wish someone else could think for us at times too.

Home Cooked Delivery 2 U can whip up all kinds of home-cooked dishes like Taiwan Braised Minced Pork, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Stir Fried Dou Miao and more, and you don’t even need to think about what you’re ordering the next day as they offer a weekly or monthly package of home-cooked servings (no daily meals are available for delivery) !

Photo Via Home-Cooked-Delivery-2-U

Home Cooked Delivery 2 U

Price range: Weekly servings (5 days) starts from RM 50 per pax (1-2 pax) (approximately SGD $16.42). Weekly menu changes, do refer to their Facebook page for the most updated menu.
Delivery area: Within Klang Valley (selected areas)
Delivery time: Monday – Friday, 3.30pm – 6.00pm
Contact: +60 175553715 (Dave) / +60 1005513715 (Susan)


It’s confirmed: we’ve tested positive for home-sickness, and the only way to cure this is to have our daily hearty meals prepped by our talented home chefs! So what are you waiting for? Order now!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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