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Written by Batrisya

Co-written by Candice Neo

Long ago, Malaysians lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the COVID-19 virus attacked. Only the Gardenia Bread, master of all bakery elements, could stop the ruthless virus from driving their people to hunger, but when the world needed it the most, he vanished (at least, during MCO 1.0).

A few weeks have passed and I discovered a few shops, some that can deliver breads AND pastries right to our doorstep in and around Kuala Lumpur during this time of need. I believe these shops can save us. (If you read this in the tone of Avatar: The Last Airbender opening theme monologue, you are a true G!)

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1. How do you like your bagels? – Christine Bakery

You may have had wagyu steaks, but have you tried out Christine Bakery’s special Wagyu Bagel Sandwiches?

Here, they are popular for their hand-rolled bagels, which is why customers keep coming back for more! Their bagels cost between RM 6 – RM 30. On top of that, they deliver cakes as well, so why not give this place a try!

Photo Via Sycookies

Christine Bakery

Price range: Brunch in Bread sets starts from RM 12. Menu here.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily, 7.30am – 8pm
Contact: +60 10-505 9999


2. Have your head in the clouds with their Fluffy Milk Bread – Little People

They say that little people have BIG appetites (like myself) and this bakery is not short of taste as well. If you’re a fan of fluffy milk bread, here’s a place where you can have it delivered right to you!

For only RM 13, you can have it with your fave brand of jam (I prefer kaya, you can never go wrong with coconut jam). Or you can also have it with their handmade pastas that have zero MSG and zero preservatives. Little People cafe also offers an Advanced Quarantine Starter Pack which includes all the pasta ingredients you need so you can cook it at home!

Photo Via Shooshweet

Little People

Price range: Bakes from RM 6 – RM 17 (approximately SGD $1.97 – SGD $5.57). Menu here.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily, 8.30am – 7pm
Contact: +60 16-669 2030


3. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips — Kenny Hills Bakers

We don’t mean to scare you when we say ‘a lifetime on the hips’ but their desserts are just too tasty, they are hard to resist! From their signature egg tarts to their original Kenny Hills-style peach strudel, you’d need to find the inner strength within yourself to hold your wallet (and mostly your stomach) from indulging. Because sometimes you’re not hungry, you might just be bored. 😉

If you’re looking for full meals, they also serve delicious wood-fired pizzas, some pasta and bigger dishes on the side!

Photo Via Jzivy93

Kenny Hills Bakers

Price range: Bread and pastries start from RM 5 (approximately S$1.65). Menu here.
Delivery range: Klang Valley, delivery charges may differ for over 10km
Delivery timings: Daily, 8am – 8pm
Contact: +603-4265 2020 (Ampang) | +603-6206 4111 (Bukit Tunku) | +603-6419 5990 (Desa Park City) | +6017 218 2320 (Bangsar Shopping Centre Kiosk)


4. Fresh crispy croissants and delicious apple pie! – Croisserie

We were passing by this bakery shop at Damansara Heights before the lockdown on a Saturday morning, and my goodness, the queue was crazy! So we came back again recently on a quieter weekday, and finally managed to sink our teeth into their signature croissants and pastries that have gone viral on social media.

Photo Via Bling.ate, Minasfooddiary, Reysheats, Wafflewongg

Our favourite was their apple pie – despite being slightly pricier than their regular pastries (RM 15), it was sweet and crispy, topped with a very generous serving of sweet baked apples. I loved every bite! Their freshly baked croissants were indeed above average – it’s not easy to find croissants of this quality even in Europe, not to mention in Malaysia. I’m generally not a huge fan of croissants but I loved theirs – crispy on the outside while soft and buttery on the inside.

Definitely coming back for more!


Price range: Croissants from RM 4.50 (approximately SGD $1.48) (in-house delivery with minimum spend of RM 50). Menu here.
Delivery range: Within 10km of their Damansara Heights production bakery (you may need to engage your own external delivery services if your area is not within this radius)
Delivery timings: Daily, 12pm – 5pm
Contact: +6012-564 4154


5. Hungry for some delicious gluten-free cakes? – Huckleberry Food & Fare

For some of us, as much as we love eating breads and pastries, we keep a calorie count of it all. Clean eating helps us with that. So if you want breads and cakes that help you stay on track while going on a healthy diet, why not opt for the gluten-free cakes by Huckleberry Food & Fare?

They have a variety that you can choose from, such as Flourless Orange, Buckwheat Chocolate Cake, Zesty Lemon and more! They also serve flavoured bread loaves!

P.S. For breads, you must pre-order 48 hours in advance; for pastries, pre-order 48 hours with a minimum of 5 pieces or more; for whole cakes, pre-order 24 hours in advance.

Huckleberry Food & Fare

Price range: Loaves are between RM 3 – RM 18.90 (approximately SGD $0.98 – SGD $6.18). Menu here.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily, 7am – 7pm
Contact: +6017 239 9264 (Damansara Heights) / +603 2098 7933 (flagship)


6. A hidden gem in TTDI – Dough & Dolce

Imagine your fine breakfast morning is filled with a nice aroma of freshly baked sourdough bread. One that’s thick in slice, fragrant and chewy in texture. Oh how the warm taste just melts in your mouth. Seems like a very good morning, no?

Considered a hidden gem in TTDI, Dough & Dolce is hugely popular for its sourdough bread, and people can’t seem to get enough of it! You can also order a side of their popular buttercream chilli clam and other hot dishes to go with your sourdough!

Dough & Dolce

Price range: Bakes from RM 6 – RM 24 (approximately SGD $1.97 – SGD $7.87). Menu here.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Wednesday – Monday, 9am – 5pm
Contact: (order here) | +6012 7447 880 (WhatsApp)


7. Pioneer of Malaysian-flavoured cupcakes – Selaseh Dua by Cik Kiah

Have you ever had Onde-onde or Soda Bandung-flavoured cupcakes? If you haven’t, you should definitely try one of Cik Kiah’s popular Malaysian flavoured-inspired cupcakes! Many people are obsessed with her sweet cupcakes that range between RM 15 – RM 20 per box for you sweet tooths out there.

She also bakes other pastries as well, like her delicious Dark Chocolate Stuffed cookies, cakes and Hotel Bread which goes for RM 15 a loaf!

Photo Via Cikkiah

Selaseh Dua

Price range: Special cupcakes set starts from RM 15 (approximately SGD $4.92). Changing menu on their Instagram posts.
Delivery range: 25 km from Batu Caves
Delivery timings: Wednesday – Saturday 12pm – 6.30pm, Sunday 12pm – 4pm
Contact: +60 122729101 (WhatsApp)


8. Get a loaf of this home-baked chef – Jessie H’made

Do you love the taste of freshly baked homemade bread? Jessie has gotten the online community craving for her buns (I mean her baked goods of course).

She can make a mean load of wild yeast or natural yeast toast such as ones that are high in fibre, and spinach cheese toast, Chinese yam with walnut toast, wild yeast mixed grain and nuts, wholemeal brown sugar toast and a whole lot more! All these are healthy and keep your tummy happy! Let’s have a ‘toast’ to that!

Jessie H’made

Price range: Toasts from RM 12.50 – RM 25 (approximately SGD $4.10 – SGD $8.20). Menu on her Facebook posts.
Delivery range: 10 km from Bukit Jalil
Delivery timings: Daily, 2pm – 3pm
Contact: WeChat: jessicayen1518


9. Get a taste of locally made Hokkaido Sourdough Milk Loaf – Baker’s Hood

Popular for their delicious Hokkaido Sourdough Milk loaf, the bakers from Baker’s Hood started from humble beginnings. Founded by Zaid who’s been baking artisan breads since 2014, Baker’s Hood is where people can not only gain a better understanding on the health benefits of sourdough bread, but learn to appreciate the beautiful creation of artisanal breads itself.

Using local MFM Diamond Wheat Flour and the right techniques, Zaid’s baked goods have even gotten customers comparing the taste of his loaves to those you can find overseas. You can also check out another popular choice – the Sourdough Focaccia. Yum!

Photo Via Safiyyahkhairul

Baker’s Hood

Price range: Loaves from RM 10 – RM 16 (approximately SGD $3.28 – SGD $5.25)
Delivery range: Within KL and Selangor area
Delivery timings: Thursday and Saturday
Contact: +60 149227139 (Zaid)


10. Fresh buns out of the oven – Breads & Treats

Update: Breads & Treats is currently closed until further notice.

Here’s another sweet home baker that delivers her delicious loaves during this lockdown within Klang Valley! Although she’s fairly new in this baking scene, people love her Multigrain sourdough and Oat porridge sourdough breads!

She bakes bread that are low in gluten and are gut-friendly, and judging by her page, homegirl can really whip up some sourdough in the kitchen! Can’t wait for you guys to have a taste of her bakings at home as well!

P.S. You may need to place orders three days in advance.

Breads & Treats

Price range: Loaves start from RM 17 (delivery with minimum order of 2 loaves or RM 30 and above) (approximately SGD $5.58). Chat with the baker directly for the menu.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily, 2pm – 7.45pm
Contact: +60 139090313 (Pn Tini)


We’re all about chasing that bread right now, and I’m glad these few restaurants and bakers can help deliver their goodies to our doorsteps! Can’t wait for you guys to try them out and let us know how it goes in our comments!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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