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Written by Beverley Lennon

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9 Day trips less than 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur where you can explore a slower lifestyle besides Genting Highlands!

10 Affordable weekend girls’ getaways in Janda Baik and Bukit Tinggi (1 hour from Kuala Lumpur) with private pool for big-groups (6-30 pax)!

Step into a green lush haven at Ratu Rening Residency, located just 1-hour from KL The beautiful estate features two properties namely; the Dusun Raja and Sekebun Bunga – both stays are deemed to be magical and unique, surrounded by nature and guarded by the Banjaran Titiwangsa Range.

The two retreats are built over a pond and surrounded by tropical fruit trees, with the soothing Sungai Hijau stream flowing in the surroundings.

Ideal for a group of friends or family, your days here are spent by the riverside for some picnicking or you could well enjoy some fishing, outdoor activities and BBQ in the night! There are intimate spaces for a romantic long table candlelight dining experience as well.

Equally great for kids, the Dusun Raja house even offers a fun floating overwater tent option for up to 4 pax!

Ratu Rening Residency

Rates: From RM 1725 (up to 12 pax)
Address: Kampong Hulu Rening Batang Kali, Malaysia 44300
Contact: +60 16 207 7671 / +60 16 380 5999

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