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Written by Veyroniqa 

Thinking of where to chill (literally) for the weekend out of town? If you are staying in Kuala Lumpur, you know pretty much how it goes – cafe-hopping, food-hunting, shopping, going to the movies… basically anywhere indoors where you can escape the heat and humidity of the tropical city.

If you are bored of the concrete jungle and really want to venture outdoors (but not die in the heat), there are little pockets of paradise in the rainforests and chilly highlands not far from KL where you can enjoy some good ol’ bonding time with your friends and family (yes the entire bunch!). And we are not just referring to Genting or Cameron Highlands!

These often-overlooked retreats (which can stay at least 6 pax with 3 bedrooms) are less than a 3-hour drive from KL so buckle up – we’re going to show you a whole new world!

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1. Secret retreat in the highlands – Enderong Resort (1 hour from KL)

A popular wedding destination, Enderong Resort is nothing short of picturesque. Paired with the cool and crisp air, you might forget that you are still in Malaysia.

Photo Via Yufiyip, Nuniris, Treesonthemoon

Take a nature walk around the compound and try your hand at archery, feed the friendly fishes down at the pond or simply go for a refreshing dip in their pool.

Photo Via Shinshizzle, W.r_ong, Kellychang_peiyi

You might find that your cellular service is oftentimes weak, but why waste time on your phone when you are surrounded by spectacular views and people? 😉

Photo Via Vivien_mayhien, Sarathira,
Photo Via Fca_alexlim

The cafe is open to the public, so if you’re planning to swing by, make sure to try their Italian and Japanese fusion cuisine.

Photo Via Jasmine22ckm, Dani.norte, Mikkiho

Note: This stay is not very accessible for the disabled or less athletic as you’ll need to climb a lot of stairs to get to the resort. 

Enderong Resort

Rates: From RM900 (weekday rates) to RM1200 (weekend rate) for Cottage Room with 4 bedrooms that stays up to 10 pax (Approximately SGD $297.29 to $396.71)
Address: Lot C21, Persiaran Enderong, Jalan Tanarimba Pine, 28750 Bentong, Pahang
Contact: +609 2330533/ +609 2330512


Enderong Cafe

Price range: RM8 for starters to RM25 for main course
Contact: +609-233 0533
Opening hours: Wednesday to Mondays, From 12pm to 2:30pm, 6pm to 9:30pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

2. Glamp in pretty domes with fairy lights under the stars – Glamz (1 hour from KL)

Have you always wanted to sleep under the stars but comfortably? Glamping is the answer – and what’s more, in an Instagrammable dome!

Photo Via Simontai_instagram
Photo Via Alientung, Mamoko438

Despite being located only half an hour from Genting Highlands, the domes might get warm and stuffy in the afternoons, but with the air conditioning, this is no longer a problem. It gets chillier at night so make sure you pack your jackets and warmer PJs!

Photo Via Yuen_mag, Vyann, Neko.dkl_

You get to enjoy the sauna, jacuzzi and kids will love the inflatable playground! The best part about glamping is that each tent comes with its own plumbing and toilet, so you don’t have to worry about showering in a public stall.

Photo Via Kelvin0419, Yuen_mag

Breakfast is included for all but there’s extra charges if you want to get a BBQ going — just make sure you let them know if you need a halal pit and they’ll sort you out. 🙂

Photo Via Karmen_chin, Alientung, Ichilanasreen, Krystalchongg
Photo Via Chloebitt


Rates: Family Dome RM750 on weekdays, RM960 on weekends and public holidays for 6 pax (Approximately SGD $248.33 to $317.86)
Address: 1, Jalan Meranti, Genting Highlands, Pahang
Contact: +6012-664 5269


3. The perfect big-group getaway, complete with karaoke set! – Rafflesia Villa @ Rainforest Sanctuary (45 minutes from KL)

Complete with its own private pool, this highland stay has it all: foosball, pool, mahjong, BBQ and even its very own karaoke set.

Photo Via Chrixwenwen, Donut_chan99, Leecathrynn
Photo Via Zoefoong___, Gigic2705
Photo Via Xtinaling_makeup, Ant_k79

Less than an hour away from central KL, it’s near enough for friends and family to gather for special occasions and spend quality time together, yet away from the city sounds and vibes so you can truly relax, reconnect with one another and be surrounded by nature.

Photo Via Jennifer_swee, Ck_bpg8885
Photo Via Venisse_c, May__pua, Prinick89

With the views at this mansion, how can you not put down your worries and enjoy the therapeutic sounds of the forest?

P.S. Rainforest Sanctuary has other similar properties in the same compound area too, so if this one is sold out, you have other IG-worthy options!

Photo Via Yingyitan, Khaliljamian

Rafflesia Villa @ Rainforest Sanctuary

Rates: RM1800 per night on weekdays, RM2800 per night on weekends with 5 bedrooms for 18 pax (Approximately SGD $595.03 to $925.67)
Address: 67, Jalan Rimba 2/1, Taman Puncak Rimba, Rainforest Sanctuary, Genting Sempah, 28750 Bentong, Pahang
Contact: +6012-202 7770 (Wai Yen)

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4. Take a road trip to Taiping and find a different kind of paradise – Meow Homestay at Bukit Larut Hill (3 hours from KL)

Most people travel to Taiping for its attractions, such as the Taiping Lake Gardens or Maxwell Hill (where you’ll find cool breezes). But if you don’t want to follow the masses, why not chill out at this stay?

Photo Via Foojessy

While not exactly a highland escape, the air here is quite refreshing. Take a peaceful stroll with your loved ones in the beautifully landscaped backyard, where you can enjoy fishing and boating at the pond too.

Photo Via Zul_arief, _ahmiao
Photo Via Christinetaaay

The space itself is simple but tastefully decorated. Kids would love the treehouse outback, where they have the freedom to climb around and learn about nature hands-on!

Photo Via Beanerdz

Meow Homestay at Bukit Larut Hill

Rates: From RM331 per night on weekdays, RM373 per night on weekends with 3 bedrooms for 8 pax (Approximately SGD $109.58 to $123.49)
Address: 83, Lorong Damai, Taman Surai Damai, Taiping, Perak 34000
Contact: +6016-521 8741 (Anne)

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5. Infinity pool with jacuzzi and view of limestone cliffs – Templer Park Rainforest Retreat (30 minutes from KL)

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat offers bungalows where you and your friends and family can enjoy a peaceful weekend soaking in the much-needed green therapy and catching up with one another.

Photo Via Hafidz1996, Fazirabakar

The place is rather refreshing during the dry season but it might get a little humid when it rains. But you can always cool off with a dip in their infinity pool with jacuzzi and a view of the limestone cliffs! There’s an outdoor sauna too. And if you’re coming with the active little ones, they will surely go for the trampoline – this will surely drain their hyper energy!

Photo Via Boey_hahahahaha, Imran_abukri
Photo Via Emmylee02, Liyna.isabella, Dayanadena

Located within a gated community, you can rest easy here (but note that it’s not wheelchair accessible). As this is a forest stay, there’s inevitably mosquitoes, so just remember to bring along your insect repellent and all will be good! 🙂

Photo Via Khai.rzk, Saizulhafiz, Putt_cikidot

Come dinner time, you’ll find that everything’s fully stocked and prepped. You can get the grill going with the firestarters they’ve prepared, have a steamboat or cook in the kitchen. But if you don’t feel like making dinner for yourself, there’s always the option of eating out as the stay is relatively near town (the nearest Tesco is only 8 minutes’ drive away!)

Photo Via Dayanadena, Anna_333wr

Note: Guests with visitors who do not stay for the night will be charged an additional RM50 per pax. No pork is allowed on the premises. 

Templer Park Rainforest Retreat

Rates: The Villa is RM1000 per night on weekdays, RM1500 per night on weekends with 4 bedrooms for 6-16 pax (Approximately SGD $330.77 to $496.16)
Address: 22, Jalan 3/2, Templer Heights, Templer Park, 48000 Rawang, Selangor
Contact: +6016 203 8562 (Han)

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6. Play with farm animals at this Kampung-style retreat – Carpe Diem Orchard House (50 minutes from KL)

With neither wifi nor TV here, you’ll be forced to disconnect! 😉

Time to tear yourself away from screens and participate in an array of outdoor activities, such as fruit picking! Subject to season, you can pick as much as you can eat, under the caretaker’s supervision.

Photo Via Carpe_diem_serendah, Norhidayatihmy

The pool looks private but it’s actually open to all Carpe Diem guests so don’t be shy and jump right in! You’ll enjoy the blissful cold after strolling along their grounds filled with farm animals, or after a round of fishing (rods provided, but strictly catch-and-release only). If you’re lucky, you might even see ducklings or chicks hatching!

Photo Via Nuyuiffa
Photo Via Kdsharyf
Photo Via Denabahrin, Elifeslw

Carpe Diem Orchard House

Rates: Farmer’s Quarter is RM360 per night on Weekdays, RM420 on Friday or Sunday, RM480 on Saturday with 3 bedrooms for 7-10 adults (Approximately SGD $119.08 to $158.77)
Address: No. 803, Main Road, Sungai Choh, Hulu Selangor, Selangor
Contact: +6013 228 8223

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7. Your Instagrammable stay with private infinity pool – Daun Retreats (45 minutes from KL)

This jungle stay might not be as cold as those in the highlands, but it is definitely cool in the ways that matter.

For intimate gatherings of 6, you want to take the Kasturi Cabin – a beautiful villa that comes with its own private infinity pool. The decor is both rustic and charming – everything is well-integrated with nature. BBQ pit is also provided, along with charcoal and starters.

Photo Via Yumikolow, _wsst_, Noorfazreennordin, Laisang
Photo Via Shakiraidora
Photo Via Noorfazreennordin, Abrazarkitek, Surayasulatin, Wennyhoo

If you have a group of 10, you might want to check out Gerimis Senja Villa. Or if your party’s hitting the 20s, Norehan’s Place is the one for you.

Photo Via Khaizwan88, Khdjhx_, Njwnrzty

Note: Daytrippers (non-staying guests) are not permitted and you might forfeit your deposit if you try to sneak your friends in!

Daun Retreats

Rates: Kasturi Cabin is RM600 on Mondays to Thursdays, RM800 on Fridays to Sundays and RM 900 on public holidays or peak season with 3 bedrooms for 6 pax (Approximately SGD $198.63 to $297.94). Gerimis Senja Villa is RM 1100 on Mondays to Thursdays, RM 1600 on Fridays to Sundays and RM 1800 on public holidays or peak season with 3 bedrooms for 10 pax (approximately SGD $364.12 to $595.83).
Kasturi Cabin: Jalan Pansoon, Kampung Padang, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia
Gerimis Senja Villa: Batu 17 3/4, Kampung Dusun Tua, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia
Norehan’s Place: Lot 1476 Jalan Pansoon, Kg Lubuk Kelubi Bt 20 1/4, Ulu Langat.
Contact: +6012 252 2235


8. Solar-powered and with their very own chemical-free water filtration system  – The Plantation Project (1.5 hours from KL)

Wanna go on a holiday but contribute to saving the planet at the same time? This vacation home is powered by solar energy and has its own chemical-free water filters!

Photo Via Eskaychoy

Due to the solar power, electricity is turned off automatically around midnight. So if you’re hoping for late-night pillow talks, you might want to bring along your own torchlights (which would be useful when going to the washroom at night).

Photo Via Edczh09, Melodytee, Nexttripmy

This also means no wifi, heater nor fridge. They’ve prepared ice boxes but you’ll have to bring your own ice.

Photo Via Melodytee-5, Amalinaariffin, Akidazad

While it’s not a highland stay, you won’t even notice the sun overhead due to the dense trees and mountains around here. And it’s cool enough you won’t even need a fan, even though it’s provided. With their open-concept bedrooms, you’ll really be able to bond with each other and fall asleep together after all the htht (heart-to-heart talks)!

Photo Via Rabbitwhyyousocute
Photo Via __angelqi__, Alexhooi

The Plantation Project

Rates: The Share aka Vacation Home is RM1454 per night with 1 bedroom for 10-14 pax (Approximately SGD $480.03)
Address: Lot 2767, Mukim of Sabai, 28700 Bentong
Contact: +603 2110 1718/ +6016 3230 888

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9. Rustic charm – Rumah Kebun (30 minutes from KL)

If we have to describe a stay as je ne sais quois, we’d say this is it.

Rumah Kebun has a certain special rustic charm, with the cerulean pool framed by the cottage perched above, surrounded by a lush forest landscape. It almost has a sort of magical touch to it; you won’t want to leave. Although there’s no air conditioning, it’s cool enough at night so you won’t need it!

Photo Via Azahnur, Alyaannuar
Photo Via Idakarinabaharum_
Photo Via Nadiaihsani

They also run a camping ground for those of you who want to be closer to nature!

TripCanvas Tip: You can request for the caretaker to get both the BBQ and bonfire going for you, just don’t forget your marshmallows!

Photo Via Nzar1710

Note: Alcohol and pork are prohibited on the premises. 

Rumah Kebun

Rates: RM1500 with 4 bedrooms for 16+ pax (Approximately SGD $329.54)
Address: Kampung Sungai Semungkis Batu 14 1/2 Hulu Langat
Contact: +6019 222 4956

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10. Rustic huts in the cool hills of Janda Baik — Chengal Hill Retreat (1 hour 15 minutes from KL)

Janda Baik boasts of cool temperatures less than 1.5 hours’ drive from KL city centre, with a handful of unique luxury stays. For big families and groups, Chengal Hill Retreat is the perfect choice.

Photo Via Ahnarzs, Ashraf_hanazi
Photo Via Syaqina__, Zila_zmulegacy

You can choose between the Water Chalet (hidden by the trees with semi-open bathrooms), Dorm Style Chalet or Prime Chalet. There are also super cute Apachis that can sleep two per unit (with external shared bathrooms).

Photo Via Ian_tang, Arissafirdaus

Go swimming in the fish pond or have a picnic under the trees (just come equipped with insect repellent!). And if you’re here with outdoorsy teens, they would love activities such as ATV, archery, 4×4 ride, jungle trekking and cycling, which are provided at an additional cost. Perfect for some family bonding, no?

Photo Via Asmahannif, Nadiamirlah, Byss.co_

Also, make sure you bring your own food (no pork or alcohol allowed) for the grill because you won’t find any restaurants in the area. Charcoal provided 😉

Photo Via _joycechin_, Zaf_ashburn

Chengal Hill Retreat

Rates: Water Chalet is RM750 with 2 bedrooms for 7 pax, Prime Chalet is RM950 for 6 pax, Dorm Style Chalet is RM 800 with 1 bedroom for 9 pax (approximately SGD $248.19 to $314.37)
Address: Lot 8537 Kuala Lurah, Kampung Janda Baik Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia 28750
Contact: +6017 201 5118 (WhatsApp)


Special Mentions

1. Chill by the beach with your entire family on the rooftop – The Kasturi (3 hours from KL)

A luxurious beachfront experience, The Kasturi will rejuvenate you and your loved ones. While this is not a highland stay, it provides luxury at such an affordable price that we can’t not recommend it!

Photo Via Malaysiatravelresorts
Photo Via Nanna_asani, Elenacheurina, Zettyabdrashid

The Rooftop Penthouse overlooks the South China Sea, comes fitted with an expansive balcony and bathtubs, and can house up to 6 people – perfect for a group vacation. (Please note that this stay is not wheelchair accessible.)

Photo Via Amandalmy, Surabhithanair
Photo Via N.shu_.z, Suzanne_lst, Snimon

Situated at the base of Cherating, you can go for their famous firefly tour or visit the resort’s private turtle hatchery (note: hatching season is between April and October).

A free one-way airport transfer can also be arranged and you will be welcomed with a fruit basket when you arrive.

The Kasturi

Rates: Beachfront Villa from RM 1250 (Approximately S$407) / 2-bedroom from RM 1470 (Approximately S$480)
Address: KM 32.5, Jalan Kuantan, Kemaman, 26080 Cherating, Pahang
Contact: +609 582 5000

Check Rate on Agoda

2. An eco resort with mini zoo and activities for kids! – The Acres Resort (1 hour from KL)

This cool highland stay would have been at the top of our list, if not for its steep price tag. But given what you pay for, it’s still a good deal, especially when you are looking for quality.

Photo Via Cpk_mdrt, Shyfish_daisy
Photo Via Ngfoongling, Lilexplorershub

With breakfast and dinner included, along with a whole slew of free amenities and facilities such as the KTV room, kids’ playroom, mini zoo, free bikes for hire… It’s well worth the splurge, especially if you have young kids as the resort is very kids-friendly.

Photo Via Af_wenwen1227, _zappalangzpl, Allan_yl
Photo Via Justfloat_my, Bobabunsadventures

Wander around and explore the resort (there’s a waterfall nearby!) and say hi to the furry friends (horses and bunnies) that share the area.

Photo Via Everything_about_lukas, Happygokl, Low_helen, Maryyeoo

This retreat is also just a 5-minute drive from Bukit Tinggi, where you can visit a French-inspired town!

The Acres Resort

Rates: Sunrise Chalet at RM1780 on weekdays, RM2080 on weekends with 3 bedrooms for 8 pax (Approximately SGD $589.33 to $688.65)
Address: Lot 28431 Kampung Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Bentong, Pahang
Contact: +6012 223 5866


3. A self-contained paradise with more than you could want – The Chateau Spa & Wellness Retreat (1 hour from KL)

Step in here and you’ll be instantly transported to 18th Century France!

This highland stay has everything from horse-riding trails, an adventure park, an organic farm, a rabbit park and a golf course.

Photo Via Doreenlivetotravel, Babymoontravel, Djshann, Chuithinglim
Photo Via Sxoxo3
Photo Via Jeremy.chm, 10.mandyc.23

The Japanese Village is one of their main highlights, especially the tea house and botanical gardens.

Rent a kimono and take a leisurely stroll (and many Instagrammable photos!) around the grounds or go for a tatami massage.

Photo Via Zidaaaaa, Victoriadtan
Photo Via Meiko911, Maslinaismail79

Breakfast is included, but be warned that food is not their strong suit.

Photo Via Chuithinglim, Kenlee_jd

The Chateau Spa & Wellness Retreat

Rates: 3 Bedroom Suite is RM1065 per night for 6 pax (Approximately SGD $352.48)
Address: KM48, Persimpangan Bertingkat, Lebuhraya Karak, Bukit Tinggi, 28750 Karak, Pahang, Malaysia
Contact: +609 221 3888

Check Rate on Agoda

Start planning your weekend getaway so you can rest and recharge! Which is your favorite stay? Let us know in the comments below and tag your friends and family! 😉

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