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Written by Beverley Lennon

Besides being able to travel around Southeast Asia for pretty cheap, there’s something else that gets me so excited about living in Malaysia – it’s the number of public holidays and long weekends we have here! I am sure you guys can relate, right?!

Personally, I take it as a good excuse to escape from the city and explore the surrounding islands – there’s a bunch of them on the East Coast of Terengganu and more pristine ones off the coast of Johor Bahru but one that’s close enough for a short weekend getaway is definitely Langkawi – Malaysia’s island big-hitter!

And, maybe it’s just me but I like to call it the Bali of Malaysia and that for many reasons. Now, let me ask you – what comes to your mind when you think of Bali? For me it’s beaches, waterfalls, stunning views and private pool villas. I can’t imagine going to Bali without experiencing the luxury of staying at an affordable private pool villa and guess what?! It seems like you can find them in Langkawi too!

Time to grab your besties or family to check out this collection of private pool villas that can sleep between 6-16 people and are conveniently located near Cenang Beach too!

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Note: The prices reflected below are the low season rates, and they exclude tax and service charges. Accommodation rates often change with room availability and low or high seasons. We recommend double-checking for the final prices before confirming your booking.

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1. Swim on the edge of the world! – Villa Samara (from RM 95.50 per pax)

If not the ocean, a swimming pool is probably the heart and centre of action of every stay but personally I prefer having my personal one to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Villa Samara gets a 10/10 from me and it’s not just because the villa can accommodate all of my friends (8-10 pax) but its pool is pretty unique too, it blurs the lines between the  man-made and the natural. If you don’t quite get what I mean, I am talking about an infinity private pool right now!

Photo Via Batikandbubbles

Yes, you can swim on the edge of the world in Langkawi! With views over the rice paddy fields and epic sunset glow in the evenings, Villa Samara is a comfortable option for those looking for more than just swimming and soaking.

With four bedrooms on offer, one of which has an endless view of the surrounding rice paddy fields, this is where you can enjoy a different side of Langkawi without being too far from the ever-so-popular Cenang stretch which is a short 12-minute drive away.

Villa Samara

Rates: From RM 955 per night (for 8 pax) (Approximately S$312)
Address: Kampung Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Distance to Cenang Beach: 12 minutes’ drive

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2. Just like in Ubud, Bali! – Villa Laman Padi (from RM 239 per pax)

Wait. Have I been transported to Indonesia or what?! If you’ve been to Bali, you should know that Ubud isn’t only the cultural and spiritual centre of the island but it’s also where you can relax to endless views of the green paddy fields and rainforests!

Well friends, this is exactly what awaits at Villa Laman Padi – a two-storey stay which sits right in Langkawi! Tropical feels are what reign at this villa, blame it on the Balinese elements in its architecture.

Its shining star has to be its private pool which is outlined by a well-maintained lawn and exotic trees and bushes. A real treat for the eyes and mind once you wake up in the morning.

Accommodating up to 6 guests, Villa Laman Padi is a great alternative to resort-staying in Langkawi. It’s also conveniently located, close enough to all popular spots on the island!

Villa Laman Padi

Rates: From RM 1435 per night (for 6 pax) (Approximately S$470)
Distance to Cenang Beach: 10 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 17 257 5759

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3. Whaat? This is in Langkawi?!! – Ambong Pool Villas (from RM 700 per pax)

Pinch me please because this feels like a dream!! While this isn’t necessarily the most affordable option when traveling to Langkawi with a group, it sure is the most stunning! Step into one of the nine villas at Ambong Pool Villas and you’ll be instantly transported to another world! Villa options range from 1 to 3 bedrooms and accommodate up to 6 guests!

Everybody knows Langkawi for its beaches, but did you know that the island is covered with lush jungles too? If there would ever be a moment where you want to experience another scenery, take a look at Ambong Pool Villas, a stunning sustainable jungle retreat where you can enjoy green patterns, with magnificent views of the horizon!

Photo Via Theworldpursuit, Thoughtsofping, Merrie_22

And who would have thought you could find such a gem in Langkawi? At Ambong Pool Villas, contemporary design simply blends with the surroundings, making nature and comfort become one. Built with respect for nature, the sustainable luxury villas each have stunning sea views – some feature sunrises in the east towards Teluk Baru, in others you can see sunsets towards Pulau Tepor.

Photo Via Tharasofian

Now we know they aren’t a resort but you can well enjoy a bunch of perks here too as Ishan Malaysian Spa serves guests of Ambong-Ambong with soothing in-room spa treatments, while they also provide cooking and yoga classes!

Ambong Pool Villas

Rates: 1-bedroom villa from RM 1400 per night (for 2 pax) (Approximately S$458); 2-bedroom villa from RM 4000 per night (for 4 pax) (Approximately S$1310); 3-bedroom villa from RM 5400 per night (for 6 pax) (Approximately S$1768)
Address: Jl. Teluk Baru, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Distance to Cenang Beach: 10 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 4 955 8428

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4. Stay in a traditional Malay house villa! – Langkawi Villa Sawah (from RM 75 per pax)

Langkawi Villa Sawah isn’t what you would associate with your traditional villa – forget about ultra-modern architecture as this charming stay is traditionally designed as a Malay house, giving you all the Kampung vibes!

Photo Via Razeenmutazah, Eqaroslan, Amirul Ashraf, Afyafendyphotography

With 3 bedrooms and fit for up to 8 guests, Villa Sawah sits peacefully surrounded by endless fields and plantations.

Photo Via Shahkim_adnan, Afyafendyphotography, Jira_jebat, Ira_anggun

There’s also plenty of room for kids to run around (however, former guests have commented that the villa structure isn’t necessarily toddler-friendly due to big rocks and sharp edges). Adults get plenty of shaded areas to enjoy some quiet time too.

And what’s great is that the open-space concept also allows you to keep an eye on the pool whenever the kids are in. Now, with no tall buildings in the surroundings, be ready for magical views at sunset!

Photo Via Farhanazin

Langkawi Villa Sawah

Rates: From RM 600 (for 8 pax) (Approximately S$196)
Address: Jalan Makam Mahsuri, Kampung Mawar, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Distance to Cenang Beach: 20 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 11 644 2594 / +60 13 491 7184 / +60 19 400 4126 / +60 18 277 3853

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5. Mini golf and private pool!! – Villa Malinja at The Paddy Field (from RM 243 per pax)

We found an exciting Langkawi villa for your next boys’ vacay! Back when I was in university, I recall that all the guys from my class enjoyed taking a trip among themselves to Langkawi (in fact, it was always a battle between Bali and Langkawi). Their main motive? Cheap alcohol in Langkawi, thanks to its duty-free policy.

Photo Via Aza_onn

Honestly, it did not seem as complicated to get a boys’ trip all planned as compared to a girls’ one (proof that we lead busier lives ;)). It seemed that everyone was ready to commit to a week of fun in the sun!

So if you’re one of the planners, going back and forth to choose a stay with the boys in Langkawi, don’t miss this 2-bedroom private pool villa! I mean what screams vacay more than a few morning shots (of juice of course ;)) right in your private pool?!

And the only thing better than spending a whole day drinking in the pool is possibly having some fun at mini-golf, right at your villa itself! Yes, you get all of that at Villa Malinja!

Photo Via Aza_onn

Now, in case you didn’t notice, I am a huge fan of the beach so I like everyone to be close to the ocean. Well, you’re in luck too as Villa Malinja sits just a short 10-minute drive from Cenang Beach! It’s surrounded by restaurants, beach bars and convenience stores too!

Visiting with more friends? You can request to combine your booking with their other one-bedroom villa for even more space and fun!!

Villa Malinja at The Paddy Field

Rates: 2-bedroom villa from RM 972 per night *Minimum of 2 nights required* (for 4 pax) (Approximately S$318)
Address: Jalan Kedawang, Kampung Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Distance to Cenang Beach: 10 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 13 330 2033

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6. Pretty much a mansion – Khalishah Hill Villa (from RM 96 per pax)

Have you ever dreamt of owning a holiday house? Personally it tops my goals’ list… but I am yet to own my very own everyday house so let’s be patient. And looking at a property like Khalishah Hill Villa does not help either; now I reaalllyyyy badly want a holiday house!

Even better because it sits on an island in the tropical warm weather of Malaysia, features a private pool, is close to the beach, also a 30-minute drive from Seven Wells waterfall and can accommodate all of my friends too (up to 12 guests)!

Photo Via _aszwanie, Cipencalvos, _nfha

It’s not hard to see why the stay is popular among big groups; you really get a bang for your buck (under RM 100 per pax), there’s a big garden for all your family fun and we wouldn’t even blame you for not venturing any further than your private pool. Okay, maybe you should probably take a drive to the beach for sunset though!

Photo Via _nfha

Anyway, did I convince anyone to sponsor my future holiday house?! Please reach out! 😉

Khalishah Hill Villa

Rates: From RM 1150 per night (for 12 pax) (Approximately S$378)
Address: Jalan Temoyong Besar, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Distance to Cenang Beach: 10 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 4 966 2666 / +6017 484 2668

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7. Enjoy the quiet side of Cenang – The Beezek Residence (from RM 80 per pax)

If owning a house with your squad and dipping in your private pool all day long has been on your dreams’ list (was on mine when I was 18 and rebellious, wanting to live away from home), then get yourself to The Beezek Residence in Langkawi!

Photo Via Nizam Mohammed

I mean, not that I have so many friends but maybe you do? You can grab up to 19 of your besties (and yourself) to make the most of The Beezek Residence’s deal! No longer will anyone be left out and talking behind your back for not inviting them!

With 6 bedrooms in total and a beautiful turquoise pool, this is definitely where you’ll want to put your RM 100 savings into! Ah, let’s face it… life is too short not to go on a memorable holiday with the besties! And you know what’s another too-good-to-be-true aspect of The Beezek Residence? You can walk over to the beach (or drive for 4 minutes when you’re too lazy)!

Note: You need to book the whole villa of 6 rooms for ultimate privacy!

The Beezek Residence

Rates: From RM 1610 per night (for 20 pax max) (Approximately S$527)
Address: No.8, Kampung Kuala Cenang, Langkawi, Malaysia 07000 langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Distance to Cenang Beach: 4 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 19 409 1833

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8. Location, location, location! – The Fint Hus Villas (from RM 105 per pax)

The Fint Hus Villas is a mama-and-son dream come true – Ridz, the owner and his mom have been traveling to Langkawi some years ago in search of the perfect place to call their ‘holiday home’ and ultimately opted for an abandoned plot of land.

Fast forward to today, they turned it into a beautiful stay and are willing to welcome you to experience the comfort of their home-away-home!

Photo Via Thatguyerikkk, Carls1111, Geoff Douglass

Centrally located near restaurants and the beach, The Fint Hus Villas also let you enjoy some peace and quiet without having to travel too far to explore all of what Langkawi has to offer.

Accommodation-wise, there are 6 bedrooms to fit in a total of 12 guests and the villa is tastefully decorated with tropical touches! But seriously though, we’d give anything to be living minutes from the sand!

The large private pool that sits in the middle of the property is surrounded by sun loungers so get your besties, shake up some tasty cocktails, pack snacks and some fresh meat for a meal by the pool!

If you’re a couple or smaller group and not willing to rent the whole villa, there’s the possibility of booking rooms instead too, although that means you’ll have to share your morning swim in the pool with other guests residing here.

The Fint Hus Villas

Rates: From RM 1265 per night (for 12 pax) (Approximately S$414)
Address: Lot 11, Jalan Tasik Anak, Pantai Tengah, Mukim Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Distance to Cenang Beach: 8 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 11 1494 7653 / +60 4952 3124

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9. Can we make this our vacation home? – Villa Rafflesia (also known as The Villa) (from RM 118 per pax)

When on vacation, do you also have days where you just want to stay in? Maybe it’s just me or maybe not but I thoroughly enjoy making some time to truly relax and forget about exploring the destination from 9am-10pm…

Well, you might be in luck at Villa Rafflesia as they go above and beyond. What I mean by that is they even offer extra services like your very own in-villa chef as well as in-villa massage therapist! Named after the official state flower of Indonesia, the villa echoes Indonesian influence and is elegantly decorated with Western-inspired furnishings.

With a private pool at your disposition, you’ll see yourself going from morning dips in the pool to tanning sessions on one of their multiple sun loungers with an iced drink in hand to an extensive lunch selection on the table and a soothing body treatment at the end of the day before your BBQ dinner – all of what you need to replenish and feel fresh for another day of adventure in Langkawi.

The best part is that it’s not just you but you can bring along up to 8 pax to enjoy as much as you do too!

Villa Rafflesia/ The Villa

Rates: From RM 950 per night *Minimum of 2 nights required* (for 6-8 pax) (Approximately S$311)
Address: The Villa, 2 kg, Padang Saga, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Distance to Cenang Beach: 20 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 16 247 6781

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10. The hipster side of Langkawi – Hornbill Retreat

Nope you’re not taking off to Bali anytime soon but you could be enjoying a glimpse of it at this hipster stay in Langkawi!

If you’ve been to Bali you know what’s synonym to Seminyak… colourful bean bags aligned nicely on the beach. Well, what if we told you that you could get the same chilled vibes right at your villa and right in Langkawi (Bali who?)!

To add to the whole Bali-like atmosphere, the stay (and pool) also overlooks paddy fields!! Am I right to think that Langkawi is Malaysia’s very own little Bali, I think so?!

Chilled out vibes, gram-worthy settings, epic pool minus the constant noise you get in Bali, Hornbill Retreat is where we suggest you drop your bags when in Langkawi with your best buddies – there’s room for up to 22 of you! You can throw a BBQ dinner in the night and enjoy the space to have all the fun you’ve been dreaming of lately!

Photo Via Oumsi__
Photo Via Mytravelflex

The beach is a short 10-minutes drive from the stay, but well if you’re keen for a tan and not feeling lazy you could well take a walk of course!

Hornbill Retreat

Rates: From RM 1269 per night *Minimum of 2 nights required* (for 16-22 pax) (Approximately S$416)
Address: Jalan Temoyong Besar, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Distance to Cenang Beach: 10 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 17 237 1011

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Special Mentions

If you are not too fussy about having your very own private pool and keen to share with other guests, these villa options might be worth considering too!

1. Stay at the foothills of a mountain – Orchard Villa at Villa Tiga Datai Valley (from RM 115 per pax)

Resembling a cute little cabin farmhouse, Orchard Villa is nestled at the foothills of Machinchang Mountain – the ideal hideaway for those looking to connect with nature, cycle through fields, take a quick drive to the nearby waterfall and more!

Photo Via Lamiaatouhami_

Each cabin accommodates up to 4 guests and the rooms are truly like little tropical sanctuaries. But if you after a more social experience, you can kick back at the shared pool area.

Nearby, you’ll be able to explore rural areas and take part in unique experiences such as a tour through the rubber plantation as well as a small goat farm that keeps the kids entertained when they’ve had enough of the pool (does this ever happen though?).

Orchard Villa at Villa Tiga Datai Valley

Rates: From RM 460 per night (for 4 pax) (Approximately S$150)
Address: Jalan Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia (Coordinates here)
Distance to Cenang Beach: 12 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 12 321 2013

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2. Bask in some unrivalled rice field views – Alamanda Villas (from RM 66.20 per pax)

This list of villas wouldn’t be complete without Alamanda Villas. And this simply because it’s stunning! Think infinity pool, endless rice field views and sunset vistas… huh Bali who?!

Choose between their one or two-bedroom villas and enjoy ultimate seclusion and privacy. The stay is located far off the hustle and bustle of the main towns of Cenang and Kuah and that’s what past guests have praised the villa for!

Photo Via Thoughtsofping, Benzy7

Besides, the magnificent views over the hills, valleys and large paddy fields all the way to the mountains on the horizon also allow you to unplug from the world.

Alamanda Villas is deemed to be ideal for couples or small families. With 6 independent villas in total, fully furnished with a mix of traditional Malay architecture and contemporary facilities including a communal infinity pool, it’s a tropical paradise with a bucket load of charm!

Photo Via Liliya_kosianenko

Alamanda Villas

Rates: From RM 331 per night *Minimum of 2 nights required* (for 5 pax) (Approximately S$109)
Address: Lot 2150, Jalan Makam Mahsuri, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Distance to Cenang Beach: 20 minutes’ drive
Contact: +60 17 469 0071

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Now you don’t have to go as far as Bali to enjoy a private pool villa with your besties or family! Know of other private pool villas in Langkawi? Leave us a comment below!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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