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Written by Batrisya
Co-written by Veyroniqa and Candice Neo

Despite being a small state, Melaka is abundant in hidden gems that for some, you may not even be able to find them anywhere else in Malaysia! There’s so many things to do from checking out local food to extreme sports and even cafe hopping – you’ll never be bored!

Melaka is also known for its cultural heritage, so get your cameras and notes ready, cause you’ll be exposed to a lot of breathtaking historical architecture and stories behind this beautiful state!

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1. Step inside this hidden oriental bar right by the riverside – The Old Merchant

To find this hidden speakeasy bar, you’ll need to keep a lookout for the Chinese words “葆德公司汇兑信局” on the shopfront, which actually translates to “Bao De Company Post Office”. This shop appears to be closed, but wait… Did you notice that flicker of Chinese lanterns inside?

Push open the wooden door and you’ll enter a bar that’s beautifully decorated with neon colours, red lanterns, with a classic oriental-inspired interior with a touch of mystery.

Photo Via Yslsamantha, Xuanli
Photo Via Eileen_ying98

Many people have raved about their delicious cocktails and the comfortable setting, especially since it’s located right by the river. Won’t you want to stop by after a long day of touring?

Photo Via Sandeep39, Choon_huey

The Old Merchant

Price: Sun Wukong cocktail from RM35 (approximately S$11.42)
Address: 88, Jalan Kampung Pantai, 75200 Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +6011-1128 1623
Opening hours: Daily, 4pm-10pm


2. Have a few drinks over a blast of the past at this century-old winery – Sin Hiap Hin

Update: This place is currently temporarily closed.

Believe it or not, this winery has been around for a century! It used to be an opium den before it became a bar.

With its classic wooden stools and a vintage wooden bar table, this place is essential to Malacca’s history. As you’re enjoying a pint, the kind owner will take you on a historical journey of this place. From its drinks, location, to the stories of Japanese soldiers’ frequent visits to this bar, you’ll find yourself immersed in rich stories of the past. They serve Malaccan rice wine, beer, and their recommended “rosa rice wine” which is smooth with a sweet finish!

Photo Via Velverse
Photo Via Spanofateaspoon, Thesurindervirk, Weilikleee

Not too far along the street, there’s also an old-fashioned barber around the corner. So if you need a quick snip, you know where to go!

Sin Hiap Hin Winery

Price: One shot starts from RM7 (approximately S$2.28)
Address: 35, Jalan Bunga Raya, Kampung Jawa 75200 Melaka (coordinates here)
Opening hours: Daily, 9am – 7pm

3. A date with Siberian huskies —The Huskitory

Love furry babies? Judging by the name itself, at Huskitory, you can expect not one, not two, but nine Siberian huskies that’s all ready and excited to meet you!

Photo Via Hongcw__, Xiaodan_11, Mel_working_diary

This cafe is popular for its pet-friendly nature and it also doubles as a pet hotel and grooming centre as well! These puppers are playful and the dessert options here are tasty as well! For these big pups, the cafe is spacious indoors and outdoors as they need a lot of space to roam around and get friendly with visitors!

Photo Via Kitchia6216, Mel_working_diary, Xinhui513_bf

So husky lovers, you know where to head to the next time you’re in Melaka! Before you visit, do call or WhatsApp them to make a reservation in advance.

P.S. Please treat the animals with care! At TripCanvas, we do not support establishments that inflict harm on animals. If you’ve visited this cafe and understand how the animals are being treated, please provide us with your honest feedback! 

The Huskitory

Entrance fees: Play with the huskies for RM 20 (adults) and RM15 (children) (approximately S$6.52, S$4.89). Drinks from RM 8.90 (approximately S$2.90)
Address: 27, Jalan Taman Asean, Taman Asean, 75250 Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +606-334 2602 / +6011 5500 2602 (WhatsApp)
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 8pm (Closed on Monday)


4. A hidden mini zoo in the city — Zoology Cafe

Animal lovers rejoice! There’s a cafe in town that homes unique and exotic animals, and you’ll be surprised to see what this place has. Pet cafes are becoming more popular these days, but at Zoology cafe, their pets consist of rabbits, flying squirrels, prairie dogs, some reptiles and many more.

Photo Via Ahhvon, Chauwilson
Photo Via Cecilia_xiuqi, Xiiaoomay

It truly is a mini zoo, and it comes with an affordable entrance fee as well! Here, you can sip your coffee while petting a cute rabbit or even hold on to a bearded dragon. Hope you like reptiles, ‘cause this place has a few, but don’t worry – they are harmless!

Photo Via Karenkua

P.S. Please treat the animals with care! At TripCanvas, we do not support establishments that inflict harm on animals. If you’ve visited this cafe and understand how the animals are being treated, please provide us with your honest feedback! 

Zoology Cafe

Price: Coffee starts from RM 9.90 (approximately S$3.23)
Address: 73, Jalan PM 1, Taman Merdeka, 75350 Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +6017-602 1193 (WhatsApp) / +6 06-3171470
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 11am – 8pm; Friday – Sunday and Public Holiday, 11am – 9pm (closed on Tuesday)


5. Go on a Skybike, Flying Fox, and more at this extreme park — SKYTREX Adventure Melaka

Here’s one for the thrill seekers out there! Located just 6 minutes from Melaka’s famous water theme park, Wonderland Ayer Keroh, you can go on a Flying Fox, Tarzan Bungee Swing, Skybike and many more at SKYTREX Melaka.

Photo Via Ysri_s

As soon as you reach, you have an option to try out any three levels, namely Little Dino (Beginner), Pahlawan Thrill (Intermediate) and Extreme Warrior (Advanced), that differ in terms of difficulty levels. So if you’re looking towards a battle of the fittest amongst your peers, you can challenge them on the Extreme Warrior – which has the most challenges out of the bunch!

Photo Via Syaixshy, Nrfdyla, Yantylily, Madihahsaleh
Photo Via Diya_kawasaki, Ed

SKYTREX Adventure Melaka

Entrance fee: From RM60 if you purchase online (approximately S$19.57)
Address: Jalan Taman Botanikal, 75450 Durian Tunggal, Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +6018 909 5679
Opening hours: Daily, 9am – 3pm (last departure)


6. This place is not for the weak-hearted… Are you ready to get spooked? — Ghost Museum

Who here loves getting spooked? Sounds a bit masochistic but the adrenaline rush that comes with it is always addictive. If you’re one who loves to dabble in the ‘dark side’, check out this Ghost Museum.

You’ll be introduced to variations of ghosts and demons from around the world and their tour guide will give you insights on their origins. They use cool AR technology which makes everything appear more real and interesting. Do drop by! It’s just 5 minutes from Jonker Street.

Photo Via Dreamy_023, Santyfee, Venus
Photo Via Irfannharis, Ohsemnow, Tchycrdia, Miaemylia86
Photo Via Yusz_fiverush, Let.me_.eat_

Ghost Museum

Entrance fees: Adult RM 18, children and seniors RM 10 (These are promo rates for MyKad/MyKid/OKU holders). Normal rates: Adult RM 28, children and seniors RM 16 (approximately S$9.15 / S$5.22)
Address: No 43, Jalan in Kampung Hulu, in Kampung Dua, 75200 Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +6011 2800 9096 / +606 2811585
Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 7pm


7. Go back in time to the 50s and 70s — House of Museum Melaka

How often do you find places that hit you with nostalgia, hinting at glimpses of our grandparents’ old golden days?

At the House of Museum Melaka, every corner takes you back to the 50s and 70s with rare antiques that decorate the walls, floors and ceilings. Each part of the museum, from their classic barber shop, living room, kitchen, cinema and many more will have you transported back in time, guided with a brief history of each room.

Photo Via Aachwatif, Eric_chinghan, Niklindahew
Photo Via Ngongo_min, Lien

Perhaps this will be an interesting trip down memory lane for our grandparents, don’t you think?

House of Museum Melaka

Entrance fees: Adult RM 12, children (6-12 years old) RM 8 (approximately S$3.92, S$2.61). Free for children below 6 years old (valid ID required).
Address: 82, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +6019-269 9569 / +606-281 1265
Opening hours: Monday – Tuesday, 10am – 5pm; Friday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm (Closed on Wednesday and Thursday). Last entry is 45 minutes before closing.


8. Have a vogue inspired photoshoot on the sand dunes — Pasir Klebang

All my life, I’ve never really been to places with sand dunes where I can surf on or even take pictures like in the movies. I’d assume they’d all be somewhere in a far flung desert, which doesn’t exist in Malaysia.

So I was pleasantly surprised to know that just 15 minutes’ drive from Jonker Street, there’s a popular beach desert called Pasir Klebang. The sands are white, the smell of the ocean by the shore is amazing and there are sand dunes everywhere.

Photo Via Thilipen_ravekumar
Photo Via Beekhian, Rafiqzuhairr, Joe_legend89, Jas0n_lks

You’d see a lot of IG posts on this iconic location. If you’re feeling hot, you can stop by this famous stall, Klebang Original Coconut Shake to cool down. Melaka is known for their coconut shakes, so have a sip!

Photo Via Ayuratih90, Annajiana, Vins

Pasir Klebang

Entrance fee: Free
Address: Klebang, 75200 Melaka (coordinates here) (Pasir Klebang is at the end of Dataran 1 Malaysia)

9. MUJI-style boutique hotel near Jonker Street – Muk by Victoria Home

Located 15 minutes’ walk to Jonker Street, this boutique hotel set in what looks like a historical building is a real showstopper. In fact, passersby often stop over for a few Instagrammable shots by the building. It’s a quirky, creative stay, rather new on the scene too (as of 2019) and it comes at an incredibly affordable price!

Photo Via Jingying_94, Greentea_dollycious

When we stepped into the room, we were greeted by contemporary minimalist decor that almost feels like a spacious Muji shop, with extremely calming shades that you’ll be glad to come back to after a day of exploring and eating around Melaka!

Photo Via TripCanvas

There’s a lovely reading area where you can just plonk down on the beanbags and pick up a good book from their shelves. Or if like us you are a digital nomad, you can use your laptop in the cafe area which is nice and quiet with good wifi and charging ports – almost like a library (but bring a sweater as it can get pretty cold!).

Photo Via TripCanvas, Lisheng0227,, Victoriahome.co_

So if you’re there for more than the weekend (Jonker Street and Kee Ann Food Street are only open on Friday to Sunday nights, so that’s when you can enjoy Melaka in its full vibrance), you can chill or use your devices on weekdays and head out at night to enjoy Melaka’s cafe and local food scene. And on weekends, of course you need to spend the whole day out – that’s when the streets of Melaka truly come to life!

TripCanvas’ Tip: If you’re driving, you could also contact them prior to your arrival to reserve a parking spot, as there are limited parking spaces. And if possible, try to drive a smaller car; we drove an SUV and it was a little bit of a squeeze when parking!

Muk by Victoria Home

Price: Superior Room (has 2 queen beds) from RM 87 (Approximately S$28.50). Special rate: Superior Room (has 2 queen beds) from RM 50 a night (Approximately S$16.30) [This is a special discounted rate only when you book with us via the booking link below!]
Address: No. 1, Jalan Gajah Berang, Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +60 12-200 8203 (TripCanvas contact for voucher purchase) / +6010-9296574 (hotel contact)
Book here

10. Skip Jonker Street for this hidden gem of a Taiwanese-inspired food street — Kee Ann Food Street

Update: Kee Ann Food Street is currently temporarily closed.

Jonker Street is the most popular night market in Melaka, so no surprises if you have to squeeze with the crowd on weekends! But did you know that just a 10-minute walk from Jonker Street lies a lesser-known food street inspired by Taiwanese night markets?

Here at Kee Ann Food Street, the streets are also lined up with various unique handicrafts and their food lots are in abundance as well. Not only do they have Melaka specials, but Taiwanese, South Korean, Japanese, Hong Kong and Portuguese cuisines too for you to try!

Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas
Photo Via TripCanvas

Kee Ann Food Street

Address: Jalan Kee Ann, in Kampung Jawa, 75100 Melaka (coordinate here)
Opening hours: Friday to Sunday, 6pm – 12am

11. Have a burger in this forest-inspired cafe — The Baboon House

Here’s another cafe with a few tricks up its sleeves! Finding the entrance isn’t as easy as walking in and finding your seat. There’s a hidden door covered by potted plants and a plain wood carving that shows the way to the main entrance. You might even get a little lost at first.

Photo Via I4detaildesigns, Huiweii_

Here, hanging plants and vines stick along the walls, with natural light that beams down the cafe. It gives off ‘tomb-raider’ feels, especially with its grey-toned walls and wooden tables, only with an oriental twist due to its traditional windows and old lanterns.

Photo Via Fox8679, Liliaviktorova, Luigi
Photo Via S__venton, Ismecheryl_lam, Mssandramonica, Hyunhee

Although it sounds claustrophobic, the place is actually spacious and peaceful – it’s almost like having coffee in the middle of the forest. Over here, people love their Pork Belly! It’s juicy and delicious, so if you have time, come and stop by!

Photo Via Weiming, Kluun_

The Baboon House

Price: Baboon Green Salad starts from RM16.80 (approximately S$5.48)
Address: 89, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Kampung Bukit China, 75200 Melaka (coordinate here)
Contact: +606-283 1635 / +6012-639 7516
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm (closed on Tuesday)


12. Have you been to this unique colourful triangular house? – Masbro Village

You heard that right, triangle shaped houses. MasBro Village reminds me of a mini village where I’d imagine garden gnomes would be living in. Can you relate? Anyways, it’s super cute and different than most boutique hotels that we’ve seen around in Melaka. Price isn’t too bad either especially with the facilities it has inside, and it’s meant for those with families as the houses could fit 4-6 people. However additional charges are added if you’re planning to bring in more than 6 people. They have a pool right in the middle of the courtyard and the concept of the whole hotel is the first kind of its own in Malaysia!

Photo Via Ema-_-Lisa, Aidaajamil, Pxt
Photo Via Zazlindazakaria, Mjkhor_0902
Photo Via Masbrovillage

Masbro Village

Price: From RM 288.37 per night (approximately S$94.15)
Address: Lot 291, Batu 7 ½, Paya Rumput, Jalan Paya Rumput Perdana, 76450 Malacca (coordinates here)
Contact: +6013-313 6872 (En. Mazlan)

Booking on

13. Traditional and authentic Nyonya kuihs – Dapur Cho Cho

A 4th generation kuih shop operating from the home kitchen of the Cheng family, Dapur Cho Cho is a hidden gem tucked away from the touristy and bustling areas of Melaka. In fact, it’s pretty close to the Melaka International Airport!

Photo Via Fitmomjoanna

Here, you’ll find a small variety of mouthwatering Nyonya kuihs daily. To maintain the standard of the kuihs, the granny (also the matriarch) of the family often does taste tests! How cute is that?

Photo Via Melissaweec
Photo Via, CherasMc-Gyver, Diongyy512

Since they are a kuih supplier (find their kuihs at Nancy’s Kitchen, Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine, Majestic Hotel) they encourage customers to order in advance. Plus, they sell out pretty early too (usually before 10am) so remember to come early!

Getting there is not easy as there are no signboards and the house number is not immediately obvious. But it’ll be worth it when you eventually find it because their onde-onde is said to be one of the best around!

Dapur Cho Cho

Price range: From RM0.80 (approximately S$0.30)
Address: 84-3, Jalan Mohd Zin Dsh, Taman Padang Balang, 75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +6012-276 8606
Opening hours: Daily, 7am – 1pm (or until everything is sold out)


14. Take your trip to a sky high level — Ultralight Flying

Have you ever just wanted to fly and surf through the clouds on your own in a plane? This is actually possible at Ultralight Flying in Melaka!

Sitting in a light aircraft, you and a designated professional pilot will soar through the city of Malacca and see the town from a different view. Although it’s rather pricey (RM 100 for 10 minutes), the activity is worth it considering most flight activities can cost you nearly RM 500 and above for a short few minutes. Here, it’s just you, the pilot and the clouds. Remember to book 5 hours in advance!

Photo Via Melakaflyingclub
Photo Via Melakaflyingclub

Microlight/ Ultralight Flying Kelab Penerbangan 4B Malaysia

Entrance fees: Starts from RM 100 for 10 minutes (approximately S$32.62)
Address: Melaka International Airport Batu Berendam (coordinates here)
Contact: +6013 684 5163 (Captain Roizan)
Opening hours: Weekday flight schedule, 5pm – 7pm, weekend flight schedule, 7am – 9.30am, 5pm – 7pm


15. No boat needed, you can just stroll over to this hidden island — Pulau Konet

Technically speaking, Pulau Konet isn’t really an island (as it’s still connected to the mainland) but a tombolo instead.

Although it’s small in size, many beach goers enjoy strolling along this beach and catching small fish and shrimp. At low tide, a stone road appears which connects you to the famous hidden island.

Photo Via Yardyarzlil, Chyi_chyi
Photo Via Asz_lan, Hxsnimohd_, Jasmine_yijie

TripCanvas’ Tip: Take note of the weather and tide forecast, and remember to leave the island before the tide rises!

Pulau Konet

Coordinates here

16. You wanna see some real speed? — AK Extreme Go-Kart & Paintball

Who doesn’t love a bit of adrenaline rushing through their veins! If SKYTREX isn’t enough, check out AK Extreme Go-Kart & Paintball! Located in Plaza Hang Tuah, you can take your need for speed onto their go karts!

Photo Via Budiman_matsom

With exciting bends and safe spaces, you’ll have tons of fun here! They also offer paintball games so you and your friends can have a little friendly game of shooting shots! But if this seems a bit painful, you can also opt for their water gel ball blaster!

Photo Via Viann_ho

AK Extreme Go-Kart & Paintball

Entrance fees: Go-Kart starts from RM30, Paintball starts from RM35 (10min each) (approximately S$3.26, S$11.42)
Address: Plaza Hang Tuah (Plaza Ocean), 75300, Malacca (coordinates here)
Contact: +6012-276 0666
Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 2pm – 7pm; Saturday – Sunday, 10am-7pm


17. Visit the history behind your fave big blue monster snack — Mamee Jonker House

I remember when I was a kid, during snack time, I loved snacking on Mamee. It’s an iconic 90s kids’ snack, and everyone remembers that big blue friendly monster that’s always on the cover of all the packages.

If you want to relive that, check out Mamee Jonker House which is a museum of all things Mamee. This includes Mamee cafe, Mamee merchandise, Noodle Doodle and Lil Monster Kitchen. Over here, you’ll also get to learn the history behind your fave snack! Sign up for their Cup Noodle Workshop with your family and friends!

Photo Via Makanenakjkt, _xweinixx_, Alhanaamri, Reanna_her_stories
Photo Via Niki_jy, _manyuu_, Lomba
Photo Via Tracy0626tw, Zorapaw
Photo Via Lisamakanz, Stellagoh181818, Ell_sakimin

Mamee Jonker House

Entrance fee: RM 5 (approximately S$1.63)
Address: No 46 & 48, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +606-286 7666
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday, 10am – 5pm; Friday – Sunday, 10am – 7pm


18. Discover Melaka through the eyes of the locals — Encore Melaka Theatre

Update: Shows are temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Are you into broadways and showtunes? Encore Melaka Theatre showcases spectacular live performances by 200 talented local performers that beautifully depicts the life stories of the locals.

Photo Via Ezairi, Shazmone, Iamod_

They describe their performances as not just any cultural performance, but more as a reflection of society which embraces diversity and inclusivity.  Running for about 70 minutes, audience members are taken on a journey through time, travelling across 6 centuries of history, leading up to birth and the true essence of Melaka as we know today.

Photo Via Jeffab4682578, Traveroxytour, Jannahjj___, Confidenceholidayonline

Encore Melaka Theatre

Entrance fee: Seats starts from RM128 onwards (approximately S$41.76)
Address: No. 3 Jalan KSB – Impression City Impression 8, Kota Syahbandar, 75200, Melaka  (coordinates here)
Contact: +606-270 7777 / +6012 650 7010
Show times: Monday – Saturday, 5.30pm & 8.30pm; Sunday, 2.30pm & 5.30pm


19. Not the usual touristy chicken rice ball eatery – Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant

You must have heard of the famous chicken rice balls in Melaka and some popular restaurants that sell it. We say, skip those commercialised ones in the city centre (we are not going to name, but you can find out with just a quick Google search) and go for the humble hidden ones that the locals frequent. Huang Chang Chicken Rice is one such hidden gem.

Photo Via Gleekoon, Coollen

Their rice balls are not as large as those from famous restaurants, but they are comfortably bite-sized. And you know if the locals flock here (it’s usually packed) and deem that this place serves “the best chicken rice balls”, you’re onto something good here!

Photo Via Tifawpl, Jglovesfood

Huang Chang Chicken Rice Restaurant

Price: From RM 0.20 per rice ball, RM 12.50 per half chicken (approximately S$0.07/ S$3.91)
Address: BB-376, Taman Melaka Baru, Batu Berendam, 75350 Melaka (coordinate here)
Contact: +606-317 0299, +6016-668 8381 (David), +6012-630 0266 (Teng HS)
Opening hours: Friday to Wednesday, 7.15am-3pm (closed on Thursday)

17. Serving flavourful duck noodles for 70 years – Tengkera Duck Noodle

Some people might dislike the taste of duck (yours truly included) but the soup is so light that you won’t be overwhelmed. Tender strips of meat served with either springy yellow noodles or kuey teow – how can you say no to that?

Photo Via Chianghongkeat, Chow-hon-keong, Kai-Chee-Too
Photo Via Chianghongkeat, Ther-shern-chong
Photo Via Chianghongkeat

It’s so popular you’ll find it packed no matter how early you arrive, but they have super fast service so it’ll be your turn before you know it.

Tengkera Duck Noodle

Price range: From RM4.50 (approximately S$3.30)
Address: Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/2, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka (coordinates here)
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday – Saturday, 7am – 1pm (closed on Sunday and Tuesday)

20. Unique Malaccan childhood noodles – Hoo Khiew Prawn Cracker Noodles

Did you know, noodles topped with prawn crackers is actually a childhood favourite among Malaccans!

Operating from the front porch of a house, you can choose between kway teow, yellow noodles, or bee hoon. Kway teow is the most popular choice as it complements the light and flavourful soup just perfectly. Served with fish balls and a sprinkling of fried shallots, it’s a culinary delight you shouldn’t miss out on.

Photo Via Kai-Chee-Too, Hueiyuih
Photo Via Kai-Chee-Too
Photo Via Anna-Chen, Jonathan-Yaohan-Lee

Don’t expect super fast, top-of-the-line sort of service but enjoy the ambience of a home-cooked meal.

Hoo Khiew Prawn Cracker Noodles

Price range: From RM2.80 (approximately S$0.90)
Address: 345, Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +606-284 3803
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, 6am-1pm

21. Locals’ secret to authentic spicy satay sauce – Ming Chi Satay Celup

Before travelling to Melaka, you might also have already heard of satay celup (steamboat satay whereby uncooked meat and vegetables are skewered and dipped into a pot of spicy peanut sauce which is placed over a heat source to cook) as one of the must-tries here. And with so many famous ones around, how do you know which is the most authentic and local?

Photo Via Foolsyiling, Light-Salt-Game-Malaysia
Photo Via Bob-Tan, Aaron-Wee

Ming Chi Satay Celup used to be a roadside street stall (known as Kah Im) and everyone would gather at the carpark where it’s set up to enjoy. However, they have recently moved to a proper shop but their sauce is still deemed as the best by locals (with a little kick of spiciness!).

While you probably won’t have the same huge variety that you can find at bigger restaurants, rest assured that the ingredients are fresh and tasty.

Ming Chi Satay Celup

Price range: From RM0.80 (approximately S$0.26)
Address: 35B, Jalan Kenanga 3/25, Taman Kenanga Seksyen 3, 75200 Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +6013-338 9570 (Apple) / +60166301185 (Mdm Koh)
Opening hours: Fri-Wed, 5.30pm-11.30pm (Closed on Thursday)


22. Relax and stay in at this beautiful rubber plantation – The Rubber Escape

Who knew a rubber plantation could be made into one of the prettiest retreats I’ve come across in Melaka? Here, at The Rubber Escape, you can escape the town for a bit to chill in their modern rooms and be surrounded by rows of rubber trees, some hills and terraced landscape. You can also stop by and dine-in at their restaurant and try out their Signature Fried Rice!

Photo Via The Rubber Escape
Photo Via The Rubber Escape, Sumon Khan
Photo Via The Rubber Escape, Lohteng, Lavellaangel

In conjunction with their first anniversary, they have a promo with complimentary tea time for bookings that’s in July and August 2020 (for direct booking only) worth RM 72!

The Rubber Escape, Melaka

Price: From RM 351 per pax per night (inclusive of breakfast) (approximately S$114.58)
Address: Jalan Lendu Bakti 8, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka
Contact: +6017-678 3611

Check Rate on Agoda

23. Stay in a revamped Dutch home nearly 200 years old! – Casugria Boutique Heritage Residence

This boutique hotel is said to have been built in 1810 by an influential Dutchman, and it has been revamped to include modern amenities and a lovely pool, but still retains historical elements of its time through the architecture, interior design, furnishings and decor.

Photo Via Araelina
Photo Via Casugria
Photo Via Mrsgracechew, Xiaobaii_asther, Casugria

You can expect breakfast to have traditionally Malaccan vibes too!

Photo Via Catherinetee23632, Hasifhamsyari, Ilpuronatural

Located just 5 minutes’ drive from the bustling Jonker Street, mark this down as a unique stay to consider the next time you are in Melaka!

Casugria Boutique Heritage Residence

Price: From RM 451 a night (approximately S$147.14)
Address: 117, Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka (coordinates here)
Contact: +6012-326 6089

Check Rate on Agoda

Are you ready to do a different Melaka trip this weekend? Let us know in the comments below the places you’re most keen to visit! 

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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