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Written by Batrisya

Perhaps the most exciting part of the day for every fasting Muslim is hearing the adhan of the Maghrib prayers. Finally releasing that hungry monster inside us, sinking our teeth into that warm, juicy, tender meal that we’ve been anticipating the whole day.

Of course, fasting and cooking meals at home can take a toll on our energy. So have a break and treat yourself to some well-prepared Ramadan buffet for a change!  Here’s a list of restaurants that deliver delicious affordable Ramadan buffets right to your homes in Kuala Lumpur!

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1. Let’s have a little Baba Nyonya in this house – Little Heritage House

I don’t know about you, but I love me some delicious Baba Nyonya cuisines. Having been living in the city and away from home for so long, I couldn’t help but drool over the next time I’d be able to make a trip down to Melaka for a quick Baba Nyonya foodie fix.

Luckily Little Heritage House, they now can deliver their ramadan buffet for as low as RM 98 for 3-4 pax! This includes their delicious chicken meat roll, assam tumis stingray and more! Yum!

Photo Via Victchin

Little Heritage House

Price range: Baba Family sets are at RM 98 (3-4pax) (approximately SGD $32.30) Menu here.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily, 10.30 am – 6.30 pm
Contact: +603-79321810 / +6012-304 6181


2. Get sushi for just RM 0.80! – Fujiyama

From personal experience, this is by far one of the tastiest most affordable sushi joints I’ve come across thus far! Their deals are not only attractive but their sushi are truly delicious and well proportioned.

Imagine, you can get a sushi serving for as low as RM 0.80! They even have huge party platters that feed up to 10 pax, with a Buy 3 Get 1 Free promo! So what are you waiting for? Order up now!


Price range: Party platters from RM 72 (approximately between SGD $23.36). Menu here
Delivery range: GoGet, Grab Express, Lalamove & Runningman
Delivery timings: Daily, 11am-8pm
Contact: +603-7732 6691 / +6019-284 5025


3. Do you miss having halal dim sum? – Mohd Chan Malaysia

Last but not least, how about some delicious Chinese Muslim cuisine by Mohd Chan Malaysia for Iftar? This is also one of the few restaurants which I personally enjoyed out of this list. Mostly because not only is their food great, but their dim sum too (which they are known for) and their services (they were very friendly)!

Photo Via Ladykade.lk_

They also offer frozen dim sum delivery which starts at RM 98!

Mohd Chan Malaysia

Price range: Ramadan Package starts from RM49 for 2-3 pax (approximately SGD $16.09) Menu here.
Delivery range: KL & Selangor
Delivery timings: 10am – 6pm
Contact: +603 7887 0600 / +6011-15106008 / +6017-882 8861


4. Putting food on your table, puts food on theirs – Picheats

What I personally love about this restaurant, aside from its colourful options of foods, is that all their foods are prepared by chefs who are refugees from Palestine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and more!

And together with our local chefs, they aim to help families from the refugee community to be financially stable and allow their children to receive an education. They say, “As they are putting food on your table, you are putting food on theirs.” On top of that, their meal boxes are affordable!

Photo Via Summeryuen__
Photo Via Joellechewie, Rebeccajorushdy, Ulric5


Price range: Ramadan Specials from RM 120 for 5 pax (approximately SGD $ 38.93). Menu here.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily, 8am – 8pm (order closes by 11am a day before delivery)
Contact: +60 126794353


5. Enjoy Thai street style boat noodles from old recipes – Little Rara Thai Noodle

Living up to their motto “Every bowl from the heart”, you get to experience true Thai street style cuisine for an exceptionally low price at Little Rara Thai Noodle. Using a family-old recipe, the crew whips up their sweet boat noodles made up of 100% Thai products that are halal-guaranteed.

Their Maggi Tom Yam Talay is perfect if you’re sharing with a group, and it’s a popular choice among foodies with a starting price of just RM 18! But if you are ordering individual servings, you can have a taste of their speed boat noodles or noodle soup that range from RM 6 to RM 11.

Photo Via Michellectting, Bubueataway

Mmm, sounds good for the tummy!

Little Rara Thai Noodle

Price range: Bowls start from  RM 6 (approximately SGD $1.99). Menu here.
Delivery range: Within KL
Delivery timings: Daily, 11.30am – 10pm
Contact: +6016-305 5388 / +6014-390 7353


6. Feast your eyes (and mouth) for one of the cheapest steamboats around! – Rot Thai Buffet Steamboat and Grill

Known as one of the cheapest halal Thai steamboats & grill around KL, Rot Thai Buffet offers mouthwatering options of authentic Thai sauces that’s sure to make your tummy full. Here, you can choose between their tasty seafood sauce, rice sauce, steamboat sauce or their popular Special Thai sauce! And part of their Ramadhan buffet also includes sweet desserts like the Pulut Mangga and a tasty colorful blend of Bubur Jagung!

Rot Thai Buffet Steamboat and Grill

Price range: RM 50 for 2 pax (Ramadan promo) (approximately SGD $16.43). Menu here.
Delivery range: KL & Selangor area
Delivery timings: 1pm – 7pm
Contact: +60 16-2157000 / +60 17-3213977


7. Mouth-watering Thai BBQ seafood galore – Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood

In the mood for some Thai food? Here at Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood, their market-fresh seafood comes with a delightful twist of Thai BBQ dishes that leave customers craving for more. In fact, they are one of the oldest seafood joints in KL.

Fans love their famous charcoal-grilled crab however currently that isn’t available on the menu. However their top recommendations are their N&J Signature Fried Rice Set, Thai Seafood Curry Set, Pad Thai Set and Family Set!

Photo Via Ig_thehungrypanda, Followmetoeatla

Nong & Jimmy Thai BBQ Seafood

Price range: Family sets start from RM 108 for 2-3 pax (approximately SGD $35.43) | Order here
Delivery area: Within Klang Valley
Delivery time: Daily, 11.30am – 6.30pm
Contact: +60 10-293 4996


8. Have a taste of what the whole town is buzzing about – Nurul Shima Food Delivery

She’s been featured on TV3,  NTV7 & ASTRO and plenty more, but most recently RASA. Kak Shima is a busy wife / home-cook chef who’s food has brought nothing but joy and comfort to many homes around the Selangor area since 2017.

Packed with rich and robust flavours, her meals are often raved all over her Instagram comments as she updates her meals weekly. You can even order one of her popular Nasi Bajet that goes for only RM 3.50, but it’s only available around the Kota Damansara area.

Nurul Shima Food Delivery

Price range: From RM5 – RM25 (approximately between SGD $1.64 – SGD $8.20). Weekly menu changes, do contact her for the most updated menu.
Delivery area: Within KL & Selangor (selected areas)
Delivery time: Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Friday, 1pm – 2pm
Contact: +60 123308482


9. A taste of home away from home – Serai Garam

Do you miss the taste of that spicy creamy coconut gravy dripped in juicy chicken glazed over white rice and a side of pucuk manis? I bet you do now, just that description itself makes me hungry.

Aunty Etty, chef of Serai Garam caters these delicious Melayu Nusantara home-cooked meals weekly and she never fails to disappoint her customers with her nostalgic flavours. What’s amazing is that her menu sets start from just RM 10.90 which includes rice and four side dishes of generous portions!

Photo Via Syareelizamali

Serai Garam

Price range: From RM 10 – RM12.90 (approximately between SDG $3.28 – $4.23). Menu here.
Delivery area: Within Klang Valley
Delivery time: Daily, 11.40am – 1pm (Order a day before, 10pm last call)
Contact: +6013-300 0085


10. Mandi Chicken Rice for Iftar please? – Restoran Hadramawt Kingdom Kg.Baru

Who’s hungry for some authentic Middle Eastern Yemeni cuisine? I know I am! From just RM 43, you can enjoy their delicious mandi chicken with rice, lamb zurbian, Arabic salad and more.

Wallahi, your iftar will feel amazing after a hearty Yemeni meal like this! And if you have some extra space in your stomach, how about adding on some of their sweet desserts like Cream Caramel pudding or Kunafa with cream and cheese?

Photo Via Mutiahdankalorinya, Hafidzrosali

Restoran Hadramawt Kingdom Kg.Baru

Price range: Family packages start from RM 43 for 2 pax (approximately SGD $14.12). Check their Facebook page for their latest menu.
Delivery range: Within KL
Delivery timings: Daily, 8.15am – 7.30pm
Contact: +6017-886 9414


For those who are looking for ala-carte meals instead of sets:

11. Get some Seoul food for the soul – EID Authentic Korean Cuisine

Now we know how Malaysians go crazy for everything Korean, including of course, Korean cuisine.

EID Authentic Korean Cuisine restaurant is run by a Korean-Muslim couple, Yu Hyunwoo and Han Narae, and has been featured in several local media such as TV3’s “Jalan-jalan Cari Makan”, TV2’s “Chikiboom” and TV3’s “Borak Kopitiam”.

Many rave about their well-portioned dishes and value-for-money dishes. If it’s your first time, try their tasty Original Bulgogi Beef Lunch Set (RM12.90) served with soup and green tea.

Photo Via Fatinillya_gg

And how can you not get some snacks to share if you are ordering as a group? Their Sweet Spicy Soteok (sausage with rice cakes) which costs RM 7.90 per serving is a hit!

Photo Via Azlianarashidah, Malayfoodlicious

EID Authentic Korean Cuisine

Price range: Mains and sets from RM 12.90 (approximately SGD $4.28)
Delivery range: Klang Valley and Seremban
Delivery timings: Daily, 11am – 8pm
Contact: +603-7491 3158 / +60 17 310 3227


We hope you find your favourite ramadan buffet to indulge in for Iftar! Remember to stay safe and have a happy Eid!

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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