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Written by Batrisya

In just a blink of an eye, Ramadan goes by just as quick as we might not expect it to be. As we fast through the weeks, focusing on our spirituality, our jobs and our family, the auspicious days of Raya Aidilfitri draws in closer.

For families, the most anticipated celebration of the year isn’t complete without serving a delicious menu of traditional Raya snacks to keep adults and children entertained during this joyous holiday.

But what if you’re busy or aren’t able to go out to buy some Raya snacks for the house? Here’s a few places that can deliver all your favourite childhood goodies right to your doorstep!

P.S. For more options, check out online Ramadan bazaars by Vtapau and Fashion Valet where you can order your Raya snacks from!

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1. Not your typical Raya snacks – Fulaitang Enterprise

Every Raya, we’re so used to seeing sweet dry cookies tastefully spread out on coffee tables and kitchen counters at home for all our relatives and guests to dig their hands into. But how often do you get traditional kuehs like Kuih Lapis, Kuih Koci or Kuih Angku served during this festive season?

Run by Fulaitang Enterprise, this shop has a history of making delicious Nyonya kuihs for 35 years and has recently started their online business last December. Now they can deliver these sweet traditional kuihs right to your home and into your stomachs. Reliving our favourite kampung homemade Nyona pastries, Raya will definitely be extra exciting this year!

P.S. You also need to place your order one day in advance. One of their popular kuihs are yam cake, nasi pulut and Angku.

Fulaitang Enterprise

Price range: Kuihs are between RM 2.50 – RM4.50 (approximately SGD S$ 0.82 – S$ 1.48). Menu changes weekly, so do check their Facebook page for updates.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily 10am – 4pm
Contact: +60 11-5651 7043


2. This beautifully patterned cake is more than just a snack, it’s a heritage – Kek Lapis Sarawak Premium

Kek Lapis Sarawak is a one-of-a-kind layered cake you must have in your household if you really want to get people talking. Originating from Sarawak, this cake has officially become a cultural heritage trademark in Sarawak and though it may look tasty, make no mistake, it’s one of the most difficult cakes to make.

The process of baking involves a lot of time and patience, and the craftsmanship that goes into layering these cakes with unique patterns is something different. This is why these cakes can be as expensive as RM 400 per kg! But no worries, Kek Lapis Sarawak Premium offers affordable and equally delicious Kek Lapis for you to try!

Photo Via Anisedianamf

Kek Lapis Sarawak Premium

Price range: 8” x 8” Full loaf of Kek Lapis starts from RM 60 (approximated SGD S$ 19.51)
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley
Delivery timings: Daily, 12pm – 4pm
Contact: +6017-325 7874


3. Almond London for the little ones – The Cake Cookish

Every time you go to your fave aunty’s house, you’ll never miss out on these! Little kids love stuffing their face with these Almond London cookies (me too!). The Cake Cookish makes amazing Almond London cookies and chocolate chip cookies that people can’t seem to get enough of!

The Cake Cookish

Price range: 50 pieces of Almond London for RM 35 (approximately SGD $11.38) Check out their Instagram for the menu.
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley, Bangi, Kajang & Putrajaya (Delivery fee outside the area is RM1/km)
Delivery timings: Daily, 12pm – 6.30pm
Contact: +60 12-719 2334


4. Semperit, Malaysia’s very own Scottish butter cookies – Kuih Raya Onz

How did semperit get its name? Some sources claim it was from a mispronunciation of the word ‘shortbread’ by a Malay chef, while others say it originated from Indonesia.

This iconic dahlia-shaped cookie has grabbed the hearts of many, including our very own Malaysian pop icon, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, who proudly vouches for Kuih Raya Onz’s famous semperit cookies! Crisp and sweet, you should totally add this to your cart!

Kuih Raya Onz

Price range: From RM 30 for 50 – 55 pieces (1 tub) (approximated SGD S$ 9.75)
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley & other parts of Malaysia (based on their distributors)
Delivery timings: Mon – Fri 10am – 3pm
Contact: +60 18-263 2493 / +60 11-3107 1450


5. Raya isn’t Raya without Kuih Nastar (pineapple tarts) – Alaena Mirza Desserts

Perhaps the King of Raya snacks, Kuih Nastar or fondly known as pineapple tarts, are tarts with pineapple jam fillings wrapped in a moist, toothsome buttery and crumbly pasties served on trays of every Malaysian Muslim home.

The first thing you go grab as a snack would always be Kuih Nastar. This bakery makes delicious nastars for you to treat your guests (when they can visit) and are freshly baked from home!

P.S. Deliveries will only be after the fasting month as they want to ensure the freshness of these nastars.

Alaena Mirza Desserts

Price range: 1 small jar of Pineapple Tarts starts from for RM 17 (approximated SGD S$ 5.54)
Delivery range: Within KL area
Delivery timing: Weekly, 11am – 5pm
Contact: +60 17-274 4885 / +603-48214686


6. Oh honey, wait til’ you have a bite of this – Sudi Enterprise

A simple recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation, honey cornflakes is always a kids’ favourite at any Raya party. Aunties and grandmas love baking these sweet treats for its honey goodness, not to mention how quick and easy it is to make them for those last-minute prep.

And if you don’t have time, Sudi Enterprise is here to save you with their homemade freshly made honey cornflakes, topped with almond nibs!

PS Last order is on may 8th, and delivery will only be made throughout until 22 may.

Sudi Enterprise

Price range: 38 pieces of honey cornflakes for RM26 (approximated SGD S$ 8.45)
Delivery range: Within Klang Valley, Putrajaya
Delivery timings: Daily, 11am – 6pm
Contact: +60 13-204 5531


7. All-you-can-get scrumptious treats – Pemborong Kuih Raya

Don’t you wish there’s a place where you can buy just ANY of your fave kuih rayas without the hassle of going from one shop to another? Pemborong Kuih Raya (as its name states) has all your fave Raya treats under one roof!

If you’re looking for Kuih Bangkit, Makmur cookies, Biskut Dam or Popia Simpul, here’s the place for you. And if you buy 5 jars, you can get 1 more for free for RM 100! A steal!

Pemborong Kuih Raya

Price range: 1 jar of cookies from RM14 (approximated SGD S$ 4.55)
Delivery range: Within West Malaysia
Delivery timings: Daily, 8.30am – 6.30pm
Contact: +60 18-201 5605


8. Enjoy a spicy take on this honeycomb cookie, Kuih Ros – Petit Delicacies

You may have seen this being served during the Chinese New Year, Raya Aidilfitri and Deepavali when visiting your neighbours’ homes. This cookie actually originates from India, more specifically in the southern area where it’s known as ‘achu murukku’ or ‘achappam’.

Over here, we call it Kuih Loyang, or commonly known as Kuih Ros. If you’re searching for delicious golden Kuih Ros, Petit Delicacies has just what you need, with an interesting twist. Here, their spicy Kuih Ros is a hot seller, and people just can’t get enough of it!

Personally, I’ve never tried a spicy honeycomb cookie, but perhaps this Raya I might, what about you?

Petit delicacies

Price range: 1 tub of Kuih Ros for RM 25 (approximated SGD S$ 8.13)
Delivery range: Within KL area
Delivery timings: Daily, 4.30pm – 6.30pm
Contact: +60 12-332 7955


9. This cat will definitely catch your tongue (Kuih Lidah Kucing) – Tip Top Cookies

Personally, this is one of my most favorite Raya snacks that I look forward to eating whenever this special holiday rolls in. Despite its name, it’s not actually made of cat’s tongue, it just looks like it, and it’s rainbow-coloured!

I can chew down one whole jar in less than 30 minutes, ‘cause it’s so good! It’s cracker-like sweet texture just melts in your mouth, and it’s hard to resist digging your hands into another jar of Cat’s Tongue. Tip Top Cookies sells Kuih Lidah Kucing, and they’ve been featured on MELETOP and Jom Singgah TV3 too!

P.S. Currently they have temporarily stopped taking orders for their Kuih Lidah Kucing and macarons. But you can still order their other cookies like Red Velvet or Blue Velvet cookies, Cadbury Balls or even their groovy Alien Cookies

Tip Top Cookies

Price range: 1 small jar of Kuih Lidah Kucing starts from RM15 for 45 pieces (approximately SGD S$ 4.87). Cadbury Balls RM 16 for 30 pieces (approximately SGD S$5.24) and 1 jar of Alien Cookies goes for RM 20 for 40 pieces (approximately SGD S$6.55)
Delivery range: Within KL
Delivery timings: Daily, (timings are dependent on the runner)
Contact: +60 11-3778 7385 (Reen) / +6016-529 8799 (Zurin)


10. A taste of Southern India to excite your palette, Rempeyek – Jajan Borong Sweet Shop

As far as my experience goes when visiting my relatives’ and family friends’ homes for Raya, this snack isn’t commonly served, but it’s still lovable nevertheless.

Rempeyek, which is a deep-fried savoury cracker usually mixed with peanuts, dried anchovies or shrimps, actually originates from Java. Now it’s more commonly found in Malaysia! Those sold at Jajan Borong Sweet Shop aren’t the usual rounded ones.

Instead, it’s made into squares and it comes in many flavours like anchovies, dhal, green peas and ground nuts! They even have cheese rempeyek!

Jajan Borong Sweet Shop

Price range: 1 jar of Rempeyek goes for RM28 (minimum order is 2 jars) (approximated SGD S$)
Contact: +60 17-325 9849 / +60 12 954 3826


There you have it! Hope we’ve saved you a lot of time and energy looking for affordable, delicious yet homemade Raya snack deliveries! Do let us know if there’s any other shops that are well worth recommending too! 

PLEASE NOTE: All the above information is correct at the date of publication. If you come across any changes or updates, please let us know and we will update the information accordingly. Thank you!
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